SOKO is oh so…. SOHO!

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SOKO District @ Rosebank Mall

Yes… for the first time we can say, New York… start spreading the news, because there is a new kid on the block and you just have to SOKO on it!

In the heart of Rosebank Mall, a small but highly dedicated team, with a vision to take the retail space to the next level, gave us interactive spaces and a new age modern twist on retail space.


What an incredible journey.

Trust us when we say, that from the first step into the SOKO District, you are swept away by modern, minimalistic, and carefully thought out placing of many brands that comes together in harmony, that’ll make the next best musical look like a kindergarten concert. Fashion, gadgets, sweets, chocolatiers, a coffee bistro serving anything from the best coffee to the best carrot cake and ice cream – to Aunty Evita’s dearest Darling sweets, confectionary and all things home made (rusks, toffees, jams and more), an escape to a virtual world with the latest in VR technology from MetaVR and one of a kind hand crafted leather bags (I nabbed one, because damn, it’s oh so Vagary), to the ever so popular RialHeims’ latest ceramics collections, you’ll need a lot of time and a lot of patience to visit “the district”. You will thank us later!

Some of our favourite brands...

Make absolutely no mistake – ALL the brands that are housed by SOKO at the ROSEBANK MALL, are unique, inspirational, one-of-a-kind and fits the true mission of the pioneers behind SOKO:

“…to enable our retailers to take centre stage and to expand their businesses without sacrificing the authenticity of their brands. At the same time, we want to give the community a space to explore and experience their favourite online brands in real life…”

Although almost everything is going online – what stood out the most to us is the interactions that both retailer and shopper is still yearning! The touch of the fabric from Urban Zulu, the unzipping of the Italian leather crafted bags from Oliver Vagary, the smell of rich, fresh coffee and the “community” this forward thinking retail experience, offers.

Oliver Vagary

Meeting Jaun and Chane from Oliver Vagary, was an incredible experience. The warmth, care and compassion that these founders of this premium brand, approaches everyone of their clients are simply magnificent! This brand with its beautiful handcrafted Italian leather products are nothing short of masterpieces! These young entrepreneurs, with their flare of creating and satisfying their clients’ needs are incredible. From custom colour bags – I ordered one in the beautiful RED leather (and am proud to say that no-one else has this bag in red!), to leather accessories. Their vision is to expand the brand into more lifestyle items and products and we have it on good authority that the launch of their brand new wrist watch collection is around the corner (hold me back!!!). Stay tuned for the launch – as we will be sure to bring these pieces of art, to your frist!


Look… and I mean LOOK – You can not leave the SOKO district without visiting URBAN ZULU! My heart skipped a beat and my chin dropped to the floor. I couldn’t stop staring! Urban Zulu brings just that – an urban flare of the traditional and non-traditional African contemporary fashion and style. The textures, the styles, the layout and the design of these fabulous pieces had me “in-the-zone” from the first moment I set eyes on them. I’ve called shotgun on these stunning items – just so you know and before you decide to go and buy these before I do!

Urban Zulu – You’ll never want to wear any else again!

One-of-a-kind pieces for the modern individual who were born to stand out!

I call debs on these pants!


Leather Crafted Shoes.

From sandals, to ballerinas and “veldskoens” BUMMEL is here for a reason and making sure they stay! Elle Naturelle leather with no synthetics that touches your feet. Some of the great reviews on their website mentions that BUMMEL is “… probably the best pair of shoes I have ever owned !”. And by looking at these carefully crafted pieces on the stand, we are living for the brand! Make sure to select and pack your favourite pair, before you leave the SOKO District!

Bummel comes from German and means ‘to stroll’

“We are a family business making genuine leather shoes and leather goods since 1990 in George, South Africa. We manufacture footwear for the whole family. Bummel Shoes was launched in November 2018. They are handmade in the stitch-down construction where no synthetic materials touch your feet. Our shoes are comfortable with the focus on quality materials and real artisan craftsmanship that will serve you well for years to come.”

See more from BUMMEL HERE.


Now…. there’s pottery, there’s clay… there’s the kitch fireplace ornaments and ceramics – but then…

Enter RIALHEIM! “Ceramics Reimagined”.

An idea that started after he took a sabbatical, Rial (owner, creator and artisan) purchased a studio and turned it into one of the leading and exclusive brands that is gracing our shelves and homes at present. Together with his partner, their main manufacturing operations are just outside of the small town of Robertson, in the Western Cape. Rial grew up on this family farm and to date is the 5th generation to occupy this farm. You may see some items and think – wait, did I not see this in @Home? The answer is YES – you did! In 2015, rialheim entered into an agreement with @Home and has since became one of the most exquisite and exclusive decorating and interior ceramic art, that one should have.

With our visit to SOKO, Rial explained that the small team that started this journey with him 9 years ago, are still part and partial of the success of the brand. They’re like family. Young, vibrant, wise and experienced. A mix of great artisans and creative minds, that brings some of the most timeless pieces to our homes. The best part is…? It’s not just another “ornament”… it’s functional, it’s beautiful, it’s out-of-the-box and it’s the best gift you can gift yourself!

We can't cope!

There’s simply just more and more amazing things, that you just HAVE to discover for yourself. Even though these are a few of our favourite things, the dedication, passion and remarkable success of SOKO District is one for the books and definitely carries the Galore SA stamp of approval!

They’re not going anywhere anytime soon, however we would recommend you visit like in yesterday – because everyday at SOKO, is like a new lucky packet. Excited to unravel, but not sure if you’ll get the same surprise every time. It’s Exclusive. It’s Unique. It’s one-of-a-kind!

SOKO District:

3rd Level, Rosebank Mall, 50 Bath Avenue, Rosebank, Johannesburg.



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