Singer-songwriter Carli J Myers has made a name for herself both in South Africa and abroad with hit singles like ‘Crazy’, ‘Just Saying’ featuring Mathew Gold, and most recently, ‘Just Doing Me’ – and she’s not stopping any time soon.

But ‘Authentically Yours’ goes beyond being the seasonal summer track you’ve been searching for to kick off the festive season. The single boasts an unshakable baseline and beat, a catchy tune that’s impossible not to sing along to, and lyrics that broadcast positive vibes all round – loud and clear.

On what inspired the title and chorus of this upbeat song, Carli says, “’Authentically Yours’ was symbolically conceptualised as the signature of a letter, serving to remind me (and hopefully others, too) to engage in the life-long practice of living authentically.”

The music video showcases just that with a vibrant and colourful display of self-acceptance, free-spiritedness, and light-hearted fun.

‘Authentically Yours’ captures Carli’s effervescent dynamism and zest for life perfectly, while illustrating her ability to transform the philosophy she lives by into something accessible and relatable to all.

“Writing songs is very energising,” explains Carli. “It feels light and gives me a great lift and it comes out of the blue and is so creative. So the song ‘Authentically Yours’ is about not sweating the small stuff and not taking yourself too seriously.”

This single, so filled to brim with positive energy, was written in the beautiful city of Pickering in Toronto, Canada. While there, Carli worked with an esteemed team of co-writers, including Vince Degiorgio, Naomi Shobah and Rob Wells, who has worked with Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, to name a few. 

Carli took inspiration from a number of sources, both internal and external, when coming up with the idea behind this track. One such example is a seed that was planted after Carli completed her Masters degree to qualify as an Industrial and Organisational Psychologist and started working in the field.

“The world of work is filled with complexity, but I have learned that authentic people are the most self-fulfilled. I’ve realised that authenticity feeds and builds relationships and success in every life avenue.” – this can certainly be said for Carli’s songwriting as well. 

While Carli’s latest single is coming right off the back of her chart-topping ‘Just Doing Me’ – which furthered its achievement in the form of an enticing Max Hurrell remix – the songstress has great plans for 2022.

Not only will she continue to release new music to her ever-growing fan-base, but she will also be helping other aspiring artists to bridge the gap between dreams and reality through her very own record label. Carli Myers Records has already signed its first artist with Carli co-producing and co-writing a soon-to-be released single. 

Be it with songs that can change and uplift your mood like a light switch or with a drive to hold out a helping hand to all those who are ready to be authentically themselves, Carli is ensuring she leaves an indelible mark on all she touches.

Stay up to date with all things Carli J Myers on her social media pages – @carlijmyers 

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