James Deacon’s new single ‘HOME’ is an epic statement that home is not a destination but rather a feeling.

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Album art designed by Kyle Keminc @kem.inc

SAMA nominated James Deacon returns from a hugely successful tour of London with renewed passion and a powerful message. After leaving the safety of his physical home in South Africa, the singer/songwriter spent months alone, traveling, writing and performing his music across the UK. It was only after leaving home that the artist truly realized what the concept of home really meant to him.
James delivers an emotional performance accompanied by graceful keys and massive synth pads. His voice, always at the forefront, portrays nothing but warmth and feeling, and reaches great heights in the chorus supported by a choir of soulful harmonies and massive cinematic drops.

“When I’m lost and all alone, you’re the light that brings me home.”

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‘HOME’ is about the realisation that where we live will never be as important as who we live with. Our real homes are the people we’re connected to. Those in our lives who make us feel less alone and afraid in the world. It’s our friends and our loved ones; our families. Both the ones we’re born into and the ones we create for ourselves. It’s the notion that as long as we’re with the people we love, then we’ll always be home.

James wrote the song after a recent trip to England in which he had to leave his young fiancé and family behind in South Africa. James explains, “’HOME’ is a love song to my family. I realized that home is a feeling you get when you’re with your people, rather than it being limited to one space. Which I kinda love as a concept because it truly allows me the freedom to be anywhere in the world and feel at home. I also wanted to explore the concept of allowing memories of the past to fade without regret, in order to make space for the future. I’ve got big plans for the next chapter of my life and i couldn’t be more happy that “HOME” is the song that will turn the page! There’s a line in the chorus: ‘And no matter where we go, when I’m with you it feels like home.’  And that kinda encapsulates the message of the song succinctly”

‘HOME’ follows close after the release of James’ recent single ‘OVERDRIVE’ which soundtracks the new GMC AT4 ‘Ready For Anything’ TV commercial, currently airing across North America.

James’ previous singles received online support from lauded sites Complex, Record of The Day, Earmilk and CLASH, and were playlisting on Passport Approved, an independent internationally syndicated tastemaker import radio show that airs on over 50 radio stations and six continents worldwide. HBO selected his single “Son Of Apollo” to soundtrack an 8-week movie promo campaign in America, and his music has featured on TV series like “Good Trouble” and “The Rookie” and charted on South Africa’s biggest radio stations including 5FM, 947, KFM. The anticipation around “HOME” is palpable and warranted as James is poised to spread his musical message globally.

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