Kyle Deutsch and Pala Chrome Join Forces to Unveil Their Latest Single, “Hold Your Hand” featuring Paniik


Following the triumphant success of two consecutive number 1 charting singles and a prestigious Simon Sabela Film Award, Kyle Deutsch returns with an enthralling new release that promises to captivate music lovers worldwide.
Hailing from the vibrant city of Durban, Kyle Deutsch stands as a versatile artist whose passion for music eclipses all others. With an impressive track record of uniting people through his melodies, Kyle has solidified his position as a renowned ambassador of South Africa’s 29 years of Democracy. His latest single, “Hold Your Hand,” serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment to fostering unity through musical artistry.

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Recognized as an MTV Africa award winner, a distinguished doctor, and a top 5 contestant on Idols in 2014, Kyle Deutsch’s journey has been nothing short of exceptional. He has graced the stage alongside international icons including Justin Bieber, John Legend, Diplo, and Sam Feldt. In addition to these achievements, Kyle has collaborated with some of Africa’s most prominent musical talents and producers, including Cassper Nyovest, Shekhinah, Kwesta, Kelly Khumalo, Distruction Boyz, and Sketchy Bongo, among others. His enduring influence has firmly established him as a cornerstone of the African music industry.

Pala Chrome, a luminary in the realm of electronic music, continues to define the convergence of innovation and emotion through his sonic explorations. Pala Chrome’s artistic odyssey is marked by the seamless integration of diverse influences into a mesmerizing tapestry of sound. Collaborating with Kyle Deutsch, this dynamic duo is set to unleash yet another storm of sonic brilliance.

“Hold Your Hand” is an exquisite fusion of genres, seamlessly weaving together deep house, future bass, downtempo, and more. The track exudes an otherworldly essence, captivating listeners with its intricate rhythms, ethereal textures, and soul-stirring melodies. Each note bears witness to the artists’ relentless dedication to pushing creative boundaries and venturing into uncharted sonic territories.

Kyle Deutsch expresses his admiration for Pala Chrome’s prodigious production skills, underscoring their shared “audio-vision” for the project. He lauds the producer’s exceptional ability to elevate their collective vision and push it beyond limits. In his view, “Hold Your Hand” stands as his most vocally compelling and resonant creation to date.

Pala Chrome echoes Kyle’s sentiment, stating, “Working with Kyle Deutsch was amazing. He’s got this ability to sit in a session and come up with incredible melodies and lyrics in the shortest period of time. I’ve been wanting to work with Kyle since 2016/2017, so the fact that we finally have a song coming out feels like a dream.”

Building on Pala Chrome’s established success with record labels such as Universal Music South Africa, Warner Music South Africa, bitbird, Jadu Dala, and Kumo Collective, “Hold Your Hand” promises to captivate audiences with its blend of innovation and emotion.

Prepare to embark on an auditory journey of unparalleled depth and emotion as “Hold Your Hand” takes center stage. This collaborative masterpiece promises to leave an indelible mark on the music landscape, showcasing the boundless potential of two artistic powerhouses coming together in harmony.

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