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From the mind that brought us the sunlit single, `Dance Till The Sunrise’, Reino Brink is back at it again with his brand new burner, ‘Small Talk’, the second single lifted from his debut album. Listen HERE

This laidback track oozes warmth and addresses wanting to get into “the serious part of the relationship.” It’s a pensive piece of work that questions the necessity of small talk when ultimately, we want to skip to the good, wholesome parts.

Reino started his musical journey at just six-years-of-age, with an affinity for rhythm, hence drums being the first instrument he took to. “Every time ‘In The Air Tonight’ from Phil Collins would play, I’d bang my hand on the couch, and from there on drums were the first instrument I started taking seriously” he replies.

His inspirations range from 80s Rock such as Billy Joel, Don Henley, Toto, Dire Straits, Bruce Springsteen, and Pink Floyd, all the way to more modern influences such as Day Glow, Blanks, Troye Sivan, Coldplay, Ben Howard, and Sam Fender. ‘Small Talk’, however, boasts influences from artists such as the pop-rock Boy & Bear and Sea Girls.

From there on out, Brink was set on a mission to teach himself the drums, piano, vocals and guitar. On top of that, he also dabbled in production, allowing him to self-produce his first two singles; ‘Watch The Stars’ and ‘Caught In A Mix’.

When the 20-year-old isn’t dishing out poetic pieces or teaching himself a new instrument, he’s focused on matters of the heart. When asked about the inspiration for his single, ‘Small Talk’, he comments, “I want people to feel that they’re not alone when they get frustrated in a relationship”. He reminds us that “there is always a way of solving uncertainty, and answers for your questions.”

He also sneakily adds that writing this song transported him back to a night with a particular girl, “She knows who she is.”

The music video for ‘Small Talk’ is nothing short of modern art. Simplistic, minimal and teeming with symbolism. Reino Brink is seen in a dark, smoky room with nothing else besides a couch, a microphone and his guitar. This stripped down performance represents his love in its most raw state – straightforward and to the point. Watch HERE

‘Small Talk’ is about facing torment in a blossoming relationship surrounding the desire to skip to deeper connections. This is beautifully captured on screen with Brink performing in the darkness; a symbol of hopelessness, and the depths of a relationship being represented by the darting light. It’s a tug-of-war of the heart.

‘Small Talk will land just six months after the release of ‘Dance Till The Sunrise’, which gained nationwide success and lavish praise from major mainstream publications. The song is still charting on various local radio stations and it’s shaping up to be the artist’s most prolific, poetic, and powerful season yet.

Whether you get hooked on the honey melodies, lost in the witty lyrics, or stay for the strums, Reino is certainly on the “Brink” of good things.

Stay tuned for more from Reino, coming soon. Listen to ‘Small Talk’ HERE

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