Marimba Jam Festival 2023 unites the nation through the Spirit of Ubuntu

Marimba Jam, an award-winning organisation presents the 7th annual Marimba Jam Festival on 16 September at 19:00 at the CTICC, Cape Town, with theme, “The Music That Moves Us”. Audiences will be in for a treat as, Zolani Mahola, a South African singer, actress, storyteller and world-renowned inspiration speaker, will be making a special appearance on the night.

In celebration of Heritage Month, the Marimba Jam Festival will use the power of music to not only unite the people but also serve as a bridge for communities in the Cape.

Kiara Ramklass is the brainchild of this project and is passionate about her craft, Marimba Jam brings together over 500 students from 20 diverse schools in Cape Town, including Springfield Convent School, Wynberg Girls’ High School, Mitchell’s Plain High School, SACS, Livingstone High School and Gardens Commercial High School to name a few, breaking barriers of colour, creed, and background. The festival focuses on music education and is a catalyst of transformation, empowering youth to experience professional stages.

“It is our belief that music has the power to change the lives of children and offer them the opportunity to unlock their potential to become the country’s future leaders,” said Ramklass, who was recently named one of Mail and Guardian’s 200 Young South Africans for her contribution to youth development through musical education.

This organisation is unstoppable and have their sights set on the Guinness World Record for the largest marimba ensemble in 2024.

The festival’s impact extends beyond the evening as the funds that are raised to contribute towards the Rising Stars Outreach Programme, that provides free marimba band classes to historically marginalized schools. Marimba Jam also offers professional training and development opportunities and employment to youth who matriculate from their programmes. They have impacted and contributed to the lives of over 1000 youth in the last 7 years.

Don’t miss the chance to be front and centre at this sensational showcase, as talented young stars take the stage and leave you spellbound!

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