Paxton releases her highly anticipated album “23:23”, a diary entry in music form.

South Africa’s music sensation, Paxton, is back and ready to set the music scene ablaze with the release of her much-anticipated sophomore album, “23:23”. The album promises to be a musical journey through the highs and lows of relationships, offering a deeply personal glimpse into Paxton’s experiences in her twenties.
The album title “23:23” is inspired by Paxton turning 23 years old in 2023. The album features previous singles “Touch and Go” and the recently released “Be There” featuring Majorsteez, which have garnered widespread acclaim. The brand new single “So High,” featuring the talented Shekhinah, is a powerful anthem that empowers women, encouraging them to take up space and love themselves unapologetically. “So High” is dedicated to all the ladies and serves as the perfect soundtrack for a girls’ night out. It is an uplifting and confidence-boosting track that reminds women of the bright light within themselves and the importance of supporting one another.
Paxton shares her excitement for the album release, saying, “I am so excited for the release of my sophomore album ’23:23′! I’ve worked with an incredibly talented team, and this album reflects the best creative space I’ve ever been in. Each song on this album is deeply personal, and we wanted to make sure it’s relatable to our listeners. ’23:23′ is like a diary entry in music form, a personal journey through my twenties.”
She continues, “This album takes you on a journey through a relationship, highlighting the complexity of love, and it doesn’t shy away from being vulnerable. It’s a lot more grown and personal compared to my first album, and I hope it resonates with you as deeply as it does with me. I hope ’23:23′ moves and inspires you.”
“23:23” was produced by the incredibly talented Clayton Damons, whose work shines brightly throughout the album.
This much-anticipated release is bound to be a standout moment in South African music, and Paxton’s fans can look forward to a project that encapsulates her growth, creativity, and personal experiences.

Stream/listen to Paxton’s album “23:23” HERE

“23:23” Track Listing:
1. Touch and Go

2. Element
3. Eye 2 Eye
4. Don’t Let Me Go
5. Something New
6. So High (feat. Shekhinah)
7. Be There (feat. Majorsteez)
8. Memories

Connect with Paxton:
Facebook: @paxtonmusicsa
Twitter: @paxtonmusicsa
Instagram: @paxtonfielies_
TikTok: @paxtonfielies_

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