Emerging Artist Cape Jay Dives Deep With Mesmerizing Single “Southern Water”


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Cape Jay, the rising indie talent who brought us tracks “Golden Lady” and “My Own Devices,” unveils a new chapter in his musical journey with the release of “Southern Water.” Building on his signature soul-stirring style, Cape Jay delves into introspective themes that resonate deeply with listeners.

Listen to “Southern Water’ here: https://songwhip.com/capejay/southern-water 

In “Southern Water,” Cape Jay weaves a musical tapestry that reflects on themes of nostalgia, change, freedom, and connection to place. Guided by producer Greg Abrahams from Sound Foundry Studios, the song’s indie-pop soundscape, distinct vocals, and evocative storytelling resonate across diverse audiences. Anthemic in its nature, “Southern Water” creates an emotional connection that bridges gaps and touches hearts.

Drawing from Cape Jay’s own experiences, “Southern Water” reflects the complex interplay between his own nomadic lifestyle and the call of his roots. Often travelling abroad for months on end, Cape Jay channels the emotions of leaving and the longing for homecoming into a melodic narrative that strikes a chord with anyone who’s felt the pull of familiar shores.

Intriguingly, the cover art for “Southern Water” is a collaboration within Cape Jay’s family. Tim Dempers, Cape Jay’s brother and mixed media artist, contributes a powerful piece that harmonizes with the song’s essence. The original artwork, a stunning 120 x 120cm creation of kelp, adhesive, paint, and timber, draws inspiration from their family’s connection to the waters of South Africa. The kelp, sourced from Cape Town’s oceans, becomes a symbol that resonates deeply with the song’s themes of grounding, interconnection, and longing for home.

“Southern Water was written on a kitchen floor, or galley as it’s called, at sea, somewhere along the coastline of Sardinia in 2015. I wrote this with a group of friends I worked with, and we included a ukulele, rice shaker, and something resembling a drum box. It was only when going through old voice notes during my time in the studio that I found it again and thought, ‘YES! This is worth recording for real!’ And so, we did.”

Cape Jay’s ability to encapsulate the dichotomy of leaving and belonging demonstrates his dedication to crafting music that resonates on a deeply personal level.

Link to all social media and streaming platforms today! https:// linktr.ee/capejay

About The Artist: Cape Jay is a singer-songwriter from Cape Town, who understands that music can comfort us when we need these affections most. For those that seek comfort in music’s ability to hold us, Cape Jay shares his intimate songs that stimulate the soul. He is a gentle explorer, chasing a vision of freedom and beauty through the chaos. Reminding us of our shared humanity and common experiences, he invites you on a journey for a true conversation of the heart. Follow Cape Jay on social media for updates on upcoming releases, music and travel content.

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