“At the end of the day, I got me. And that’s all I really need.”


Known for that 5 octave range, pop bangers and his energetic performances and high fashion, Armand Joubert lets down his guard with his new offering in music “My Own Best Friend”.

He sings to his younger self and allows his fans to feel a very vulnerable and emotional side that he hasn’t revealed before. Armand strips it completely down with this release. The honesty in the lyrics and vocals is tangible. You can hear the rawness and sincerity in his voice. Produced by “Sloani”, simplicity is definitely the perfect way to describe the way he produced My Own Best Friend. There’s not a lot going on but just a simple piano, beautiful strings and subtle percussion that takes you into Armand’s world.

“I wanted to just be real with this song. I didn’t want any fancy beats or chords or even tuning on my vocals. I just want people to listen and hear my message. I grew up feeling very alone and anxious because of circumstances that I was in as a child. But in that isolation I found a friend in myself and in my imagination through music. Music has saved my life but with that being said, I also know that I’m so much more than just someone who loves and makes music for a living. I’m a human being, and what I feel, experience and choose how I want to live my life is okay”

At the end of the day, I got me. And that’s all I really need – Armand Joubert

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