Introducing LIV : Listen to her debut single ‘Letters’, a beautiful rendition of Watershed’s hit


15-year-old LIV makes her debut with a beautiful rendition of Watershed’s hit single ‘Letters’, which is out now across all digital streaming platforms.

Stream/Listen to ‘Letters’ HERE

LIV is from Somerset West and has been singing for as long as she can remember. She started learning very basic piano to be able to sing and play simultaneously and over the past few years has performed at the Somerset West Theatre, which was her first experience performing live in front of an audience.
Music is a huge part of her life and now she gets to release her debut single. LIV explains why she chose to release her rendition of ‘Letters’ as her debut, saying “I grew up listening to Watershed, loved all their songs, but ‘Letters’ was my favourite. I learnt how to play ‘Letters’ for fun on the piano because I loved the song and recently heard it again at one of Watershed’s concerts.” She continues, saying “I recorded a clip of my version and sent the video to Craig [Hinds]. Craig was in studio with Gideon at the time and asked me if I would like to come in and give it a try as a recording. It wasn’t even a dream come true because I had never thought I would ever get the opportunity to record something – I was shocked and so excited!”
LIV joined Craig Hinds from Watershed in studio to record the single with producer Gideon. They spent their time recording demos and rehearsing the song, till the final product was achieved. The stint in studio was an incredible experience for LIV.
“We just love this version and I am so proud of what we have done. I’ve always loved ‘Letters’ because it is a song I’ve been listening to almost my whole life, it is such a meaningful but simple song. The lyrics are so well written and tell a story that’s all about love. It’s a South African treasure! It’s a song that I feel many people can relate to, writing a letter to a friend, a family member, any loved ones to tell them how you really feel. Opening up and showing your feelings in a way that is more permanent. I think often people find it hard to say what they really want to say when they speak out loud. This song is about telling your truth and being accepted and loved for it. Being able to have the opportunity to sing this song, and add my stamp to it, gives me a chance to share its message and its story, as well as my own,” comments LIV.
The world is at LIV’s feet as she takes her first steps to a promising career as a talented singer in the music industry. She also has the right support behind her to make sure of it. “Craig and Gideon have given their commitment to record more songs for me this year – which is the best thing ever – at my age this kind of thing doesn’t happen every day!”

Stream/Listen to ‘Letters’ HERE

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