Anne-Marie van Eeden, the incredibly gifted South African singer-songwriter who currently resides in Switzerland, is known for her soulful music.

It, therefore, comes as no surprise that her latest single, LET US COME BOLDLY, immediately speaks to you when hearing it for the first time.

This inspirational Christian pop song, produced by Helmut Meijer, was adapted from Hebrew 4:14-16.

“Jesus is able to understand our problems and weaknesses – every single one. Therefore, we can come boldly to the throne of grace,” she explains about the meaning behind the song. “I often feel that I am not allowed to go to Jesus or pray, because I feel distant from God. But this scripture says that we can walk up to him and talk to him because Jesus is the high priest that intercedes for us. I wanted to memorise it and decided what better way for me (and others) to memorise verses from the Bible by writing a song using words straight from the Bible.” 

The musician emphasises how valuable it is to memorise verses from the Scripture. “Once I’ve worked on a song for days and weeks to set it to music, it is easy to recall the words afterwards! So, this is a way to help myself and the listeners to learn Bible passages by heart while listening to a catchy melody that keeps turning in your head.”

According to Anne-Marie this single boasts a catchy tune and powerful lyrics that will invite listeners to sing along.

Which is why she decided to release a lyric video with the song. The video was produced in red and white and red was specifically chosen to enhance the idea of boldness.

“The words of this song are very powerful and from the outset, I decided to make a lyric video rather than a movie video. The words come straight from the Bible, and I wanted to enhance the lyrics by using creative and innovative animation,” she explains.

Alret van der Walt from Empty Canvas Productions animated the video and managed to keep the viewer’s attention and to make the words come alive!

I was totally surprised at how powerful a lyric video can be! Alret van der Walt has produced a little masterpiece with this lyric video. We worked together really well. She understood exactly what I wanted. By using the concept of a simple red cube and the colours red and white, a powerful outcome was achieved that suited the lyrics exceptionally well. We can come boldly to the throne of grace!”

Watch the video here:

LET US COME BOLDLY follows in the footsteps of her previous release, Wys My Die Plek, and both were taken from her upcoming album that will be released soon. 

Anne-Marie released her debut solo album Kyk Op in 2003. Although she has released a string of albums, won two Lier Awards (2008) and has been nominated for a Ghoema (2017), she says that the highlight of her musical journey is the feedback she receives from people whose lives she has touched through her inspiring music.

In addition to being a singer-songwriter Anne-Marie, who grew up in Pretoria, describes herself as a mother (and grandmother), teacher, choir director – she has founded two children’s choirs abroad – and a member of the women’s ministry KeeperSoul. She is also a founding member of the association, Scatterlings Collective – a group that connects South African artists living in Europe and to promote collaboration by hosting concerts and events.

Her music can be labelled as world music – a unique crossover between classical, jazz and folk sounds. While she writes her own music lyrics, in Afrikaans and English, she is also known for her skilful and fresh approach to setting the poetry of beloved South African and other poets to music.

LET US COME BOLDLY is now available for download from:

“The message of this song is that it doesn’t matter what difficulties we may face, Jesus knows it – He has faced every test and trial Himself and He understands our pain and weakness. Therefore… we can come boldly to the Throne of grace! There we will find all the mercy and grace we need!,” she concludes.



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