Sex, Lies & Alibis brings the scandalous trilogy to a dramatic and saucy conclusion

Sex, Lies & Alibis is the eagerly anticipated final book of author Eva Mazza’s deliciously steamy and shockingly scandalous trilogy that began with the runaway success of her debut novel, Sex, Lies & Stellenbosch, followed hot on the heels by Sex, Lies Declassified.

Sex, Lies & Alibis will be available in all good bookstores and online from Friday, 14 October.

At the time (2019), and like the book’s protagonist Jen, Mazza was on the cusp of fifty when she wrote her debut novel, Sex, Lies & Stellenbosch. Inspired by the scandalous goings-on in the seemingly upstanding community of Stellenbsoch’s elite, Sex, Lies & Stellenbosch catapulted her onto the bestseller’s list in South Africa and is still a popular seller after three years. 

“I was elated,” Mazza says, “but not entirely shocked. Being a busy woman, juggling career, children and family, plus living in angst-filled South Africa, I knew exactly what women (and men) would enjoy reading in their downtime. And adding a bit of sex to titillate wouldn’t do any harm.”

She continues; “Why should we continue to import this genre from overseas? The Sex-Lies series is exactly what South African readers were craving; relatable, fun, sexy, popular fiction. A beach-read, a plane-read, a before-bed read … whatever and whenever, with truly South African characters. Fiction that you’ll catch your hubby or boyfriend reading. What fun to write,” she adds, “and even more fun to read.”

Sex, Lies & Alibis  is the final instalment in Mazza’s risqué sex trilogy and promises to be a fast-paced page-turner, especially for those readers wondering #WhatJenWouldDo

By the time we reunite with our heroine Jen, she’s discovered that happy endings don’t always come in the form of a man, no matter how good the sex or how exquisite the backdrop. Despite trying to escape her past by flitting off to Monte Carlo to refurbish a superyacht, circumstances beyond Jen’s control force her to confront the sex, lies and made-up alibis back home.

Like the most addictive of Netflix series, Sex, Lies & Alibis , with its many unpredictable twists and turns, will reveal what finally happens to the cast from Stellenbosch, with their penchant for impropriety and unapologetic wealth.

Sex, Lies & Alibis is the steamiest book you’ll read this summer!

Born in Johannesburg, Eva Mazza has been a resident of Stellenbosch for the past 25 years, teaching Drama. 

In 2016, her hard-hitting and thought-provoking play Acceptancestarring Jerry Mofokeng, Lea VivierLisa Derryn Overy and Francois Viljoen, was staged at the Joburg Theatre to critical acclaim.
Her stand-alone novel, Christine(published in 2021), has since been optioned by an international film producer.

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