Interview with Angelique Munyange – Making waves in USA !


Q : Tell us where it all started ? Where did the flame for acting ignite ?

A : My real interest for acting started in high school when I had to take drama as a course. I am an extremely inquisitive person and I found myself more and more interested in the subject and wanting to understand it more. Beyond that, the feeling of performing was exhilarating and extremely fun. I kept doing it and found myself here today.  

Q : Born in the DRC and then moved to South Africa, how was that transition moving here ? 

A : The transition was very difficult because at the time, I didn’t realize what the move was and that it would be permanent. Though, I learned how to speak the language and I understand it, putting it into practice was hard and finding my footing in the new culture took a while but when I did, it definitely changed my outlook on the experience and it shaped me into who I am today. 

Q : Teaching yourself English via The Disney Channel…how did that inspire you to start your passion for the arts ?

A : The two were definitely not connected. Especially as I reflect, I never saw myself doing this, choosing the arts. I wanted to do psychology where I could connect with people. In a way I still connect with people through my work as an actor and I’m really grateful for that. I would have never been here had I not learned English. 

Q : Tell our readers a bit more about your new media project and how it feels like working alongside African Actress Hilary Ijieh.

A : Our new media project is something a lot of people can connect with: having a roommate you don’t like. Our story revolves around two people who are willing to do anything to keep the apartment but get rid of the other person. We have finished the pilot and the rest of the series will revolve around seeing what tactics they will use to get what they want or if they will both give up and keep living together 

Q : You moved from SA to Los Angeles to pursue your dreams and aspirations. How difficult or easy was that move, and if you must look back, what was the most challenging and the most rewarding of this move.

A : Moving from one continent to another was really difficult. Finding all the documents and submitting everything in time was definitely challenging, especially considering that there would be a chance where I could still be denied. That was definitely the challenging part, but the most rewarding one is that I am still here, pursuing the thing I moved here to do. I am definitely lucky to be able to keep pursuing this, and when I look back at all I did to get here, it definitely reminds me to be grateful. 

Q : Please give our readers an inside into your 2022 short film. Where can they view it ?

A : My short film is a heartbreaking tale of a mother and a daughter who are at odds due to the mother’s alcoholism. The daughter who I play, decides to confront this because she has made the decision to move and leave her mother behind, which was something the mother never saw coming. 

It is currently doing its festival run, and unfortunately will only be available after that. 

Follow my social media for all future updates on all my projects.

Q : Any advice to our SA young generation who is also trying their utmost bets to make it big in the world ?

A : The one advice that I’ve been given and will continue to also give is patience and consistency. A small step is still a step and working a little bit on what you are pursuing will get you far and closer to your goal or making it big, regardless of what that means for you personally. It’s also important to remember, it won’t all happen at once or when we want it to and that’s where patience is the most important. Staying consistent and patient as you work, will take you closer than you realize and that’s all that matters. 

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