As we inch closer and closer to the release of Amy Lilley’s debut album, Petrichor, she continues to share single after single from the upcoming body of work. The latest release comes in the form of a nostalgic ode to 2000’s R&B – think Craig David, crooning vocals over an R&B-styled-guitar-led-beat – entitled, “These Walls”. Amy describes the song as “a classic I’m over you song. It’s about putting up with someone who keeps pulling you down and becomes a dead weight in your life. They keep asking if they can come back and try again but you are over it and don’t want anything else to do with them.”

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Amy has never shied away from writing songs with a deeper substance to it and These Walls is no different. The single delves further into the exploration of a relationship and what it once was. “The song centres around getting to that point in a relationship where enough has happened to cause someone to leave.” The lyrics ‘if these walls could talk’ speaks more about the place that was once ‘happy and stable’ and how quickly that can change in a relationship. “If these walls could talk, what would they say about us now?” Amy explains.

While These Walls is another single dipped in nostalgia, listeners can expect the same kind of reminiscent feeling throughout the album as a whole. With influences as far-ranging as Bruce Springsteen, Twinpeaks, and Patsy Cline, Amy Lilley has added her own take on them and still creates a sound that is relevant to today’s industry. This old-school vibe will be a dominant through line and has been described as the kind of music “you would play in the car on a road trip when you’ve just made the choice to change your heart. Not forgetting all the bad stuff that happens and has happened but rather understanding it and choosing to move forward from it.” Amy describes.

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