Phil Higgins releases a new colourful, live studio version of her song, ‘Philippa’


Phil Higgins has released a new colourful, live studio version of her song, ‘Philippa’, a song in which she introduces herself through her music. In the video, Phil welcomes listeners into her world in a personal manner and she showcases her performance power like never seen before.

The video showcases the song with a live band, featuring band members, Nina van Beelen (Keys), Bart Versteeg (Guitar), Akos Nemeth (Bass) and Sofoklis Gkekas (Drums), all of whom she met through her current music studies in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Although Phil released ‘Philippa’ in 2020 and has been a little quiet since then, she has been very busy exploring her own songwriting, working with a band and growing her sound. She still feels connected to her previous work, but has come quite a long way since then and can’t wait to share the next phase of her musical journey with listeners.

Phil chose to breathe some fresh air into this song for listeners to get to know her and the song better, and to tell everyone that her previous work, such as ‘Philippa’ was just the beginning.

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