COVID lockdown inspires newcomer Shanya to pen her debut single ‘Here For You’

With live music taking a big knock since the corona virus outbreak, many artists’ careers have come to a halt. For others, the pandemic has inspired them to write new music. One artist to channel their energy into something positive is Shanya.

Fresh on the scene, Shanya is an 18-year-old South African singer songwriter, whose debut single ‘Here For You’ will remain a prominent marker for these uncertain times.

Written in 2020, the singer’s words were never intended to be a song.

“It started as words on a paper,” she explains, “until it got stuck in my head.”

The would-be song was a personal one, written about a long distance relationship. She wanted to express to her boyfriend that no matter the distance that she would always be there for him, to support him and to try comfort him whenever he needs.

She says, “Worried about what others would think of the song caused me to leave it in that book for a year. Then someone told me that other peoples’ opinions should not rob me of what I love doing.”

Consequently, the budding star reached out to producer Gino Lee of River Road Records, who breathed life into the song.

“We drove down to Qqeberha in the Eastern Cape to produce the song,” Shanya explains. “We spent two days in the booth which had my nerves shot. I’ve recorded covers before but this was different. This was my song. Making the song was really fun and possibly the best experience I’ve ever had.”

‘Here For You’ is a beautiful pop song written during COVID lockdown. Though a love song, the track is significant for anyone who misses a loved one.

In everything she does, the Bela-Bela songstress strives to be original. This is evident in her artwork as well as the song’s associated music video.

She says, “I believe in originality and keeping it real. Shooting the video was challenging because I wanted to keep it original but at the same time look professional.” 

Directed and produced by SEVVEN, the team achieved exactly that. The video is a beautiful presentation of the yearning experienced by the singer in her moment of separation from her loved one.

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