Werner Bekker’s new single ‘Drunk ‘n Irate’ is the perfect song for a rainy day


South African singer songwriter, Werner Bekker describes his new single, Drunk ‘n Irate, as the perfect song for a rainy day.

A melancholic anthem for broken relationships, Werner wrote the song in 2021 when his sister was going through a break-up.

“We have always had a very close relationship and I could sense the pain that she was feeling,” he explains.

Werner wanted to write a song through her eyes to better understand what she was going through. The aim was to capture the feeling of breaking up with someone after many failed attempts at trying to make a relationship work.

He says, “In the end you start picking fights just to make the painful experience end quickly. It’s like ripping off a band-aid.”

Gloomy in context, yet audibly expressive, Drunk ‘n Irate carries a bevy of emotions that listeners can immediately feel.

The singer elaborates, “Choosing to use a pedal point [a tone that is sustained through changes of harmony] adds a lot of tension to the song which I think emphasises the emotion. I also wrote the lyrics and music at the same time, letting my emotions guide the way to create something that sounds like the feelings I felt at the time.”

Contemplating the making of the song, Werner reflects on the lyrics, “I’m not gonna stay, in fact I’m with the dogs outside,” he sings.

He says, “I like the duality in this line. It implies that the person singing the song is in the ‘dog box’, so to speak. It could also mean that they are taking the dogs and in essence leaving for good.”

Drunk ‘n Irate is Werner’s third single release for the year, following the success of Side of the Wild and Run, and forms part of an upcoming EP set for release in late September.

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