“Love Meditation” is the new radio single from Spotless Mirror. The ensemble, made up of Kabelo “Kay” Diale and Terrence Msiza, is the first official radio release from the well-known music group. 

Known for infusing pop, jazz and dance into their sound, Spotless Mirror is intent on sharing an important message with followers and listeners: one of self-love and self-care experienced through the healing and empowering art of meditation. 

Listen to “Love Meditation” Here:

Q + A with Kay and Terrence:

What was the inspiration for the single? 

The song came to me in a meditative state. It’s inspired by my own personal inner transformation and was parallel to my discovery of the healing and empowering practice of Transcendental Meditation.

What is the song about? 

The song is an allegorical love song about the transformative power of meditation. The first love relationship that we have is with ourselves. If we can perfect generous self-love, we can experience love in the world in all its forms. The song is called “Love Meditation” because the practice of meditation can cause us to love ourselves perfectly and thus allow us to attract the best experiences life has to offer, including great relationships, happiness, success and invincibility.

Describe your sound?

Our sound is inspired by contemporary genres such as house, amapiano, afropop and jazz. It expresses the complexity of South Africa’s varied musical nuances in an accessible manner delivered with live instrumentation.

Tell us more about your background

Kabelo is an entrepreneur with interests in Renewable Energy, Road Safety Technology and Insurance. He is a co-founder and inventor of Drive Sober and Quantum Energy Africa. He has previously co-founded and was a director of a business providing tombstone insurance to over 85 000 members. As an alumnus of the Drakensberg Boys’ Choir, he has also established a business that promotes the Arts in Scandinavia. One of his proudest achievements is the development of a patented road safety technology that will promote sober driving in South Africa. In addition, he is part of a team that has developed a solar powered computer and energy device called the QUBE. Having matriculated at a Waldorf School where he passed with three distinctions, Kabelo has a passion for sustainable development and seeks to participate in the holistic progress of South Africa through innovation in life-saving technologies in road safety. Kabelo is one credit shy of completing his Bachelor of Arts in Law and International Relations, which he will pursue when his schedule permits.

Terrence is an entrepreneur with interests in Road Safety Technology and Insurance. He is a co-founder of Drive Sober. He has previously co-founded and was a director of a business providing tombstone insurance services to over 85 000 members. As an alumnus of the Drakensberg Boys’ Choir, he has also established a business that promotes the Arts in Scandinavia. Terrence has operated as a sound engineering consultant for various reputable clients including National Teachers Awards for the Department of Basic Education. Over and above his business interests, he is also a classically trained percussionist and has toured extensively throughout Europe and Asia in various professional artistic capacities.

Having matriculated at a Waldorf School, Terrence has an Advanced Diploma in Sound Engineering from Allenby Campus, (now Damelin).

Previous singles that you’ve released? 

Love Meditation is our first release.

Previous successes you’ve had?

Kabelo and Terrence have performed for various dignitaries, including the Queen of England and President Thabo Mbeki as members of the Drakensberg Boys’ Choir. Kabelo has developed a patented meditation related technology. Kabelo has participated in the 100 Year anniversary celebration of Steiner Education in Norway in 2019. Kabelo has written a future international best seller about happiness, which will be published in 2022.

Both Terrence and Kabelo have been facilitators in various teacher training workshops in Norway. They have established Globe Africa, which is an organization that promotes South Africa through music in Norway.

Where did you grow up? 

Kabelo: Meadowlands Soweto and the South of Johannesburg.

Terrence: Bakerton, Springs

Did you always want a career in music? 

We’ve had a passion for music since the Boys’ Choir School and it has always been important for us to give our music a bigger purpose. Our interest in music is about fusing it with technology and finding out how we can be of service to the human community.

What can we expect from you in the future? Any planned releases? 

We’re releasing “Love Meditation Amapiano Mix” shortly. We’ll release a themed EP.

Who did you work with on this single?

We worked with legendary Left-Hand guitarist and composer, Bheki Khoza and Kamo Maseko aka Stacks of Stack Season Records.

Tell us more about your connection with the South African audience 

We are entrepreneurs with a passion for music meditation and harnessing technology to be of service to the human community. We want every single young person on the African continent to experience the healing and transformative power of meditation. We want health, happiness and prosperity for all South Africans and earthlings in general and we hope that our music will allow us to share our message in an accessible and honest manner.

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