Review : Sinbad The Sailor…Spoil Your Imagination.


The boys from Galore SA were fortunate enough to attend the opening evening of Sinbad The Sailor at the majestic Teatro at Monte Casino and Entertainment Complex in Fourways.

Brush up on your Arabic because you are going to need it.  Lesson 1…Salaam as per Google Dictionary means : “A gesture of greeting or respect typically consisting of a low bow of the head and body with the hand or fingers touching the forehead.”  So, make sure you know the word salaam.

The theatre was nearly sold out, or let’s say, there was a couple chairs open on the top balcony.  The bottom seating was all occupied.

The show started and from the very first minute, the audience was cheering along.

The vibe was electric !

This production is a pantomime, with all the bells and whistles.  The stage contains originally crafted décor, the costumes were colorful and suited each character perfectly.  We especially liked the costumes worn by  Dame Donna Kebab.  They were hilarious.  The wow factors were there, and on this we will not say much, but be ready to be amazed and fly ! 

The production was a cleverly written piece, with extremely sharp humor for the grown ups and loads of interaction with the younger folks.  Get ready to jump out of your seat and sing along, because I don’t know how anyone can remain sitting and not even tap their feet.  The music is contagious, and if you are into Bollywood, you can brace yourself for great dance moves and music.

The sound was perfect, and the timing of set change was cleverly worked out with “in front of curtain” entertainment.

This production also enters the Highly Recommendable and Ultimate Experiences List of Galore SA with an incredible score of 97.3%.  If we could have taken photos, we could’ve given you as our readers a taste of what to expect, but unfortunately recording of any kind was prohibited.

We really had a blast.  

The acting was excellent, with 16 cast members, and Micah Stojakacovic (Sinbad) remaining one of our favorites when it comes to talent.  This guy can sing !!!    And there are some sexy moves as well with some flexing of muscles.  We have been following this young gentleman for a while now, and we can comfortably state that this young man is going to go places. Kudo’s to Stageworx for enriching his skills and talents.

A very special mention to Schoeman Smit, who played the role of Dame Donna Kebab.  “She” flirted a bit with Quinton from the stage as well… This was so funny !  Schoeman’s acting was phenomenal and not to forget Murray Todd as Long John Slither and Samantha Peo as Morgiana the Magnificent.

Princess Marina played by Kiruna-Lind Devar took us away to a different world with her stunning voice and the Genie of the Seven Seas is played by Yamikani Phiri.  Yamikani really have some cool dance moves for a genie, and every time he came on stage, there was fireworks ! (Trust us here)  

Lelo Ramasimong played Ameena with her super talented singing.  By the way, did you know she was favorite in The Voice SA ?

Sandi Dlangalanga played Silly Billy Souvlaki and we must add, what extraordinary talent this young man has.  He has us in stitches.  The character he took on, was probably one of the most difficult roles to enact, but he did a pretty good job of it.

Mthokozisi Zulu played, Mustapha Kitkat.

The balance of this world class cast was made up of Marang Khwene, Kutloano Rankoe, Hannah Rudnicki, Kyra Teague, Joshua Groenveld, Thokozani Jiyane, Lwazi Pinyana and Sabelo Radebe.

This was world class entertainment right here in Jozi !

Sinbad The Sailor is cleverly written and phenomenally directed by Steven Stead.

Design done perfectly by Greg King.

Choreography, what the show is all about, by Evashnee Pillay.

The right light at the right time by Denis Hutchinson.

Sinbad The Sailor is proudly brought to you by Montecasino and Kickstart Productions and is on stage at the Teatro till 23 December 2022.

We would suggest that you book your tickets now via . You can thank us later.  Take your kids, your grandma, your aunt your mom…This is fun entertainment for the whole family. 

Go on !  Go spoil your imagination !  You deserve it !

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