South African-born, Jean Morrison, releases a single and music video CHAOS THEORY.


Jean Morrison – Photo Credit : Chris Atwood

Inspired in his youth by the angst of Nirvana and later by the gentle artistry of Jeff Buckley, Jean Morrison marries these two worlds as a self-identified “alternative rock singer-songwriter”. South African national newspaper, “The Citizen”, described Morrison as a “considerable writing talent”. “People Magazine” once said “His music will leave you with a smile”. Morrison also toured South Africa nationally with one of the countries biggest rock acts at the time, “Stealing Love Jones”.

The new release is a remastered radio-edit version of his single “Chaos Theory” which was previously released on his debut EP, “FAWE”. The single was recently remastered by John Davis (Led Zeppelin Remastering Engineer) and produced by iconic guitarist, Dave Birch (guitarist on the original 1979 smash hit “Video Killed The Radio Star”). Birch also adds some grit to the track with his signature Les Paul tones. 

The song has a Zeppelin-esque hypnotism to it but with more of a melodic acoustic-rock feel. “The song is about how one decision, even the smallest one, can lead to a chain of events that could ultimately change the course of our lives and the planet forever, also known as The Butterfly Effect. It’s the flutter of a butterfly’s wings that turns into the tsunami. It’s that passing thought that leads to a revelation in technology that changes how we live the rest of our lives. On the flip side, we’ve seen this very concept play out through the course of 2020/21…”

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