REVIEW : Cinderella – Digitally Transformed Fairy tale 2.0.


Joburg Theatre and executive producer Bernard Jay are delighted to announce that Janice Honeyman’s Cinderella will be on the Nelson Mandela Theatre stage at Joburg Theatre from November 5th to December 24th 2021.

On 7 November 2021, GaloreSA had the honour to be invited to the media opening performance of Cinderella at the Joburg Theatre.

As we have not been in theatre for such a long time, the emotions ran high upon entering this historical building where so much history are buried deep within the walls and floors of each room.

I even did a video call with mom whilst I entered the building from the front door, with a huge Christmas tree welcoming us.  Covid Protocols was in place with screening at the front entrance.

Even our production programme was safely in a plastic bag, and neatly placed on our chairs.  Masks were worn by all theatre staff and all guests present.  I felt totally safe. 

The crowd started to take their seats and the performance started.  You could feel the excitement building up in the theatre as the opening music started playing.

The one thing I was very scared of, was that a panto needs stage décor, and what will a panto be without it.  It’s at the end of the day all about the costumes, décor and then of cos the acting and singing.

This year, we were transported to a digital world, where multi digital screens was set up on stage to represent the décor, and what else can I say except : “It worked !”  Well done to the team for bringing the stage alive.

The humour was extremely quirky.  Some of the lines are so cleverly written, that only over 18’s can place a double meaning on some of it.  We had a couple of laughs !

The kids were entertained, and this could be seen from the Audience Engagement factor.  The actors really got the audience involved and everyone participated in the laughs and dance moves that we were all performing safely from our chairs.

We cannot give away too much information, and this review will not be classified as a spoiler alert…But be ready for loads of fun and giggles, entangled with a love story, a pumpkin and maybe some goosebumps….when the shoe fits….

The actors and actresses are world class quality, with some familiar faces and some new ones.  Lookout for the donkey and his familiar Afrikaans tunes. 

The production is jam packed with fabulous music with foot tapping and head nodding from nearly each and every audience member.

GaloreSA rating :

(Each out of 2 points)

Costumes – 2

Décor / Stage & Prop Design – 1

Acting – 2

Audience Engagement / Involvement – 2

Lightning / Sound / Technical – 2

The pantomime scores a well-deserved rating from GaloreSA of 9/10.

One Liner Rating : Be ready to be transported to a digital world where Cinderella and her Prince Charming come to live in a spectacular digitalized and transformed fairy tale 2.0.

Tickets for Cinderella are now on sale from R240 through visiting or by calling 0861 670 670.  Terrific group, family and senior citizen discounts are available.

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  1. A tour de force! A MUST SEE production for all that are young at heart ❤! A visual extravaganza!

    1. Absolutely ! Well said.

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