SA Unites To Support One Team – Sunset Sweatshop + Refentse Release “Be One”, A Proudly SA Anthem

On the eve of one of the world’s biggest sporting events, renowned SA acts Sunset Sweatshop and Refentse have joined forces to create a powerful anthem entitled Be One.

Listen to ‘Be One’ here – 

Be One’s timing couldn’t be more on point as millions of South Africans will meet around their TVs, radios, devices and braais over the weeks to come, backing their favourite team. The song’s vibrant message is a call for all South Africans to recognize and appreciate the splendour of their nation’s myriad cultures uniting under the one banner.

“The feedback on the single has been overwhelmingly positive,” lead singer Ian Heyns shares. “Fans are resonating deeply with the song’s message of unity and that’s what matters.”

The message is clear – Sunset Sweatshop and Refentse hope Be One will continue to foster a sense of togetherness among all South Africans. Since this collaboration has already been met with resounding love and success, there is no reason why both Sunset Sweatshop and Refentse won’t collaborate again in the future.  “Working with Refentse has exceeded all of our expectations and we look forward to making some more great bangers with him,” Ian shares. “Upwards and onwards!”

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About Sunset Sweatshop

Since the release of Sunset Sweatshop’s debut single “Move It”, the band has been an absolute hurricane in the South African music industry. Following positive critical reception and multiple award nominations for “Move It”, Sunset Sweatshop released a full-length album in 2018 through the Coleske Artists label. The single from their album, Coming Along, has since become an anthem on South African radio stations and skyrocketed the band to major success. The success of their album, Chasing Gold, has since gained over 8 million accumulative streams, led to multiple national tours and cemented an undeniable popularity within South Africa. The band followed up the success of “Coming Along” with their next single “Aye” as well as a collaboration with Cosher entitled “I Love This Feeling”. The band’s latest single “Be One” features award-winning South African singer, Refentse, on vocals along with the band’s frontman, Ian Heyns. The band hopes to spread a message of unity to South Africans as well as create awareness of opportunities to support local communities via the Cape Town-based charity, “The Secret Love Project” which aims to build a better and more inclusive society for people of all walks of life. Sunset Sweatshop is a “feel-good”, purely South African band that seamlessly blend their unique style with a distinctive local flavour. 

About Refentse

Refentse Morake is an Afrikaans singer who grew up in Vereenging. He was 17 when he was noticed on the pavement of his home in Unitaspark, a suburb of Vereeniging while playing and singing Guitar. A lady – Cecilia Marchionna, or Aunt Kleintjie, as she is more famous, heard him. She approached him and asked if she could record a video of him and put the video on her Facebook. He agreed and thought the “aunt” probably only had a few Facebook friends, but that was a major underestimation. The Facebook video shot high with 30,000 views on the first day, up to 160,000 four days later, and continues to grow. In April 2015, he performed in the street in Baron van Reede Street in Oudtshoorn, when his favorite singer, Karen Zoid, passed by and gave him R10 in appreciation for his attempt. That evening, organizers at the KKNK took Morake behind the scenes of the festival’s opening concert, where he met several music stars, including Karen Zoid, and offered a music contract. Refentse released his debut album My Hart Bly in a Language in 2016, and his second album By My Venster was released in 2017.

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