The SaxbyTwins – the hot neo-dance, pop duo – that have been making waves across South Africa are back with their new single, “She’s Got That Shine” co-written by award-winning group Neon Dreams frontman Frank Kadillac. A song that’s dipped in their fresh sound and strong vocals, the duo of Kyle and Wade Saxby explain more about what the single is about – “The song is about being in love with someone who doesn’t realise how amazing she is.”

Listen to “She’s Got That Sunshine” here:

“She’s Got That Sunshine” can be described as an ode to that girl who has made mistakes and may have temporarily lost themselves, but their light still shines bright. If you delve deeper into the meaning of the single, you’ll find that it’s a love song to the love that could have been, but for whatever reasons, will never materalise – a situation that many people have found themselves in. The twins had the chance to work on the song with Frank Kadillac – frontman from the award-winning duo, Neon Dreams. “We had the concept and melody for the song and showed it to Frank who loved it,” the twins explain. “He brought us into the studio and helped shape it by focusing on the feeling that sparked the idea.”

The brothers, who hit the mainstream airwaves after the release of their hit single, “Falling for You” recently went on tour with Neon Dreams as one of the opening acts for their Sunshine Tour. When asked what that experience was like for them, they explained it as unforgettable. ‘It was a great opportunity to learn and grow as artists. Neon Dreams taught us so much about stage presence and connecting with the crowd. The energy, reactions and participation at every show from the people in attendance  on this tour was truly special. Neon Dreams fans are full of love and we are very grateful to have the chance to connect with them.”

And what’s the aim of it all for them? “Be you, Stay true” are the four words that hold a lot of meaning for them. “Music allows us to express our purpose. To remain true to yourself, your values and your vision. We ask the crowd  to repeat these words at every show. We aim to always spread positivity through our music and performances.” This is only the beginning for the hit-making duo. They will continue to shine throughout 2023 as they continue to release new music, eventually building up to an album release in 2024. “We also can’t wait to continue to do more live performances. We want to continue bringing energy and increase our stage presence. We aim to create a loyal fan base connection across all our social media accounts and furthermore develop our story.”

MORE ON THE SaxbyTwins:

Meet the SaxbyTwins, twin brothers from South Africa who have nothing but music on their minds. Kyle Saxby is one minute older than his brother Wayde Saxby, yet in appearance are identical. Last year they released a string of catchy pop singles which all received a warm response countrywide and on numerous national radio stations. This year 2023 the brothers will be back at it with a number of new singles. Social media is the driving force behind the momentum. The twins are set to pursue their goal of music becoming a force in the entertainment industry. From bouncy dance-pop to hip-hop influenced sing-a-longs and piano ballads, their sound is contagious and their lyrics are relatable. They explore themes of young love and self-image in their hit ‘Falling for You’ – The twins are on the rise and determined to take the music industry by storm in 2023. One of their latest singles “Rest of Our Lives” is a party anthem portraying an image of living life with no regrets and creating golden memories while surrounding yourself with like-minded positive individuals. Their maturity and tasteful swaggering sound showcases that the brothers know how to start a party, yet remain true gentlemen. “Be You and Stay True” – SaxbyTwins.

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