Ilán van Staden sings about Sunday naps and true love!


Much like comforting routines and traditions, such as taking a Sunday afternoon nap to recharge for the upcoming week, true love also holds a timeless and familiar enchantment that makes you feel safe and happy even after many years.

In his latest single, SMK (short for the Afrikaans concept Sondagmiddagknippie), popular singer and actor Ilán van Staden delves into the kind of love that, just like a revitalizing nap, regularly rejuvenates your soul and inspires the younger generation to follow in your footsteps.

“It’s about that special kind of love that always feels like new love, even after many years,” van Staden explains about this catchy song he co-wrote with Johan Vorster and Jacomien de Wet. “The theme is combined with the concept of those relaxing afternoon naps after church on Sundays, before the week starts and everything becomes hectic again.”

According to the singer, a deliberate choice was made to use an acronym as the title to prompt curiosity, and this concept, also abbreviated or described as a ‘knippie’ by the older generation, is eloquently explained in the chorus.

Dirk van Niekerk produced the song, masterfully weaving modern country elements with contemporary trends to create a remarkable final product that lingers in your mind long after hearing it for the first time.

Just like his previous single, Ontlaai – also the theme song of Safari Roetes on kykNET – the song also boasts a music video that perfectly complements the lyrics and message.

The video was shot at Langkloof Plaas in Vaalwater, produced by Inhoud Huis Musiek (directed by Johan Vorster and with Abel Knobel as DOP) and is set in an old farmhouse, exuding a warmth and nostalgia that enriches the visual experience.

“It tells the story of Boetie who brings his girlfriend home for the first time, his parents’ excitement about meeting her, and the interaction between old and young love,” he explains. “Boetie also discovers that his father used to fly cheetahs, contributing to ‘Die Kaplyn’-inspired locations and scenes, including the inclusion of a TSI Sling aircraft doing some exciting stunts in one of the scenes.”

Audiences of all ages will relate to the idea behind the song and that message that true love lasts forever.

Watch the video here:

SMK is the musician’s fourth single and is part of his debut album, My Mense, set to be released at the end of September.

In 2022, Ilán made a name for himself as part of the successful stage production, Die Gelofte: ’n Musiekblyspel, and in 2023, he had a leading role in another musical, Die Kaplyn, and secured a record deal with Inhoud Huis Musiek.

Aside from his own music, he also collaborated on a duet titled Soen My Op My Mond with Bernice West, specifically for Die Gelofte, which is still a hit on radio stations across the country.

Since he can remember, this 27-year-old Pretorian always wanted to make music. He began writing music as a teenager and performed with his school band. He was also a drummer and co-composer for various acapella groups in university, where he obtained his master’s degree in environmental and biological sciences from North-West University in 2019.

Since then, he has diligently honed his musical skills and made the most of every opportunity, including his participation in the third season of The Voice SA.

When he’s not on stage, he manages his own music school, Ilán’s Music Academy (IMA), in Muldersdrift, which has been running for five years and offers singing, drum, and guitar lessons to anyone over the age of five.

Furthermore, he looks forward to touring the country to promote his upcoming album and to make his mark on the local music industry.

“I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the Lord’s blessings. I am thankful for today and excited for tomorrow,” he concludes.

SMK is a catchy song that invites you to sing along and reminds you that true love can make you feel at home, just like the traditions that have been established by our people over the past few decades.

The single is now available on all digital platforms. Get it here:



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