Emerging Superstar Kristi Lowe Releases Captivating New Single ‘Villain’ Accompanied By Blockbuster-Style Music Video


When Cape Town-based singer-songwriter Kristi Lowe puts out a new release, it’s her meticulous attention to detail in the combination of boundary-bending music, a powerful message, striking visuals, and a blockbuster music video that set her apart, and identify her as an emerging superstar.

Her latest single ‘VILLAIN’ is a powerful and captivating pop song that dives fearlessly into the often unspoken aspects of relationships. Collaborating with renowned producer Dave Pearce (of the hitmaker duo Pascal & Pearce), Kristi has crafted a sound that pushes boundaries and demands attention.

“It’s a message of empowerment for anyone striving to break free from a toxic relationship”, says Kristi. As Woman’s Month approaches, the song bears huge significance in its honesty and emotional depth.

Known for her previous hit singles ‘This Moment’, ’Not Here To Please You’ and ‘Take Me Away’, Kristi’s music career took off at the tender age of fifteen, when her first single ‘I Need More Time’, in collaboration with Goodluck, was released as a dedication to her sister who later passed away due to a rare medical condition. Kristi has since made a name for herself locally, featuring on popular radio and television shows, and being invited to perform before sporting events in stadium venues, as well as recently performing across Europe.

The 25-year-old songstress effortlessly weaves her regal vocals throughout the slickly-produced megalithic beat summoning a powerful feminine force to be reckoned with. ‘VILLAIN’ takes listeners on an introspective journey through Kristi’s personal experiences, allowing them to connect with her raw and emotive lyrics. The edgy musical style and emotive vocals add an intriguing depth to the song, creating an authentic and relatable narrative that will resonate deeply with a vast audience.

In the song Kristi reflects on her past, openly acknowledging her mistakes and the invaluable lessons she has learned. In the chorus she defiantly reclaims her narrative, challenging the unfair perception that caring deeply makes her the villain. It’s a call-to-arms for anyone who has experienced similar struggles, reminding them to recognise their worth and break free from toxic patterns.

The release will be accompanied by a gripping large-scale blockbuster-style music video scheduled to air in mid-August. With striking visuals and Kristi Lowe’s passionate performance, the video amplifies the song’s message, shedding light on the subtle ways in which women tend to be villainized in relationships. It serves as a powerful visual representation of the song’s themes, enhancing the overall impact of “VILLAIN.” 

Directed by Michael Jojo of JOJO Productions, the video amplifies the song’s message, playing with stereotypes and satire to shed light on the ways in which women tend to be villainized in relationships and judged for their decisions. “I hope to send a message of empowerment… people will pass judgement no matter what choices you make, so you might as well do what is right for YOU.”

With an unparalleled artistic vision, a strong heart and a humble sincerity, Kristi Lowe continues to make her mark on the South African music industry, as an emerging, multi-talented artist poised to make a significant impact.

Stream ‘’VILLAIN’ on your favourite digital music platform here: https://tr.ee/wCCf6IxY3C.

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