Interview : Bongi Archi, the face of SA’s Entertainment Industry.


Photo Credit : Howie Combrink

Let us rewind back in time….Where did this all start ? What was your “big break” ?

I must be honest my biggest break came after my season of SA Idols I’m 2010. I rode that wave to the fullest and wisely.

Your real birth name being Bongi Mthombeni, where did Bongi Archi come from ?  What inspired you to get this stage name ?

My Birth name/s is/are BONGINKOSI ARCHIBOLD MTHOMBENI. So Archi comes from the middle name Archibold. After doing more research about the name I came to find out that it’s a powerful name. So I decided let me embrace that side that people don’t know. As well as after traveling a lot I picked up that it’s hard for people to pronounce Mthombeni. So how do I do that without losing my africanacity…well I keep the name Bongi and add Archi for the world.

Do you write your own songs ?

Yes I write my own songs 

Except for singing, what other talents do you have ?

Acting,Presenting (TV and Radio) Playing the piano, Dancing, Producing, being an MC

Tell us a bit more about your new single, Excuse Me.  Where was your inspiration sourced from to create the whole idea about this song ?

I wrote this song because I remember the day I had a crush on the lady who was my friend and all she did is friend zone me even after we kissed by mistake…but I held on and never gave up. I wrote the song then because that’s a feeling I have never felt before. The song only came to play now because of the great input of my great and talented friends Howi and Neil.

We have seen the Panto yesterday, and your role was played amazingly well.  How does it feel acting alongside big names like Kyle and Dube ?

One thing about me I count my blessings one by one. I never take anyone or moments for granted. I’m always willing to learn from whoever whenever! Kyle is very talented. When. He arrived first day of rehearsal he never did a PANTO, just like me in 2011. A totally new world. But he was willing to learn and share his gift with us. What a great guy off stage as well. Humble friendly dude. I’m humbled. He is killing that prince role. Now Desmond Dube has become like a big brother who is very good friend as well. Always always a joy to work with him. Now I learn many life lessons from him. I love and respect the dude. 

Your fashion sense is unsurpassed one of the finest in SA.  How do you choose outfits ?  Is it a morning feeling you get, or do you plan well in advance ?

It’s a bit of both. 

What is your favorite color to wear ?

Red or Blue

Any inside scoop on what to expect from Bongi Archi during 2022 ?

I also don’t know what to expect because my creative team has also got me wondering …hahahahahaha

Listen to his single now :

Excuse Me – Music Video
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