Tino’s New Album “Only Love” Brings Enchanting Sound to the Afrikaans Music Industry

Zimbabwe-born Afrikaans singer, Tino, is excited to announce his second album, “Only Love.” The album will be available on all digital music platforms on August 11. As a preview of the album, Tino has already released the singles “Seisoene” and “Tassies Pak.” The focus single for the album release is the enchanting song, “Vas En Los.”

“Vas En Los” is a song that captures the feeling of an imagined dance celebration through the eyes of the writer, Tino. This song creates a world in which I imagine myself dominating the dance floor, along with friends and the girl who catches my attention. Although I don’t usually enjoy dances and balls, I have created an imagination in which I joyfully and excitedly embrace the moment. The song explores the contrast between my real feelings and the pleasant dream world I have created, resulting in a unique and personal interpretation of a dance event.

With his distinctive voice and captivating style, Tino has created a unique sound that sets him apart in the Afrikaans music industry. His second album, “Only Love,” is a celebration of love, joy, and the power of music. With the release of “Vas En Los,” Tino aims to inspire listeners to use their imagination and embrace the joy of the moment.

Tino’s music has already been embraced by fans around the world, and his talent is widely recognized. His unique journey as a Zimbabwe-born Afrikaans singer has led him to the release of his second album, which represents an important milestone in his career.

“Only Love” is an album that captures deep emotions and genuine love. It is a reflection of Tino’s growth as an artist and his ability to create music that touches people. With the release of “Vas En Los” and the full album, Tino is ready to share his music with the world and make a lasting impact.

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