New 3-month Fashion Course at Stadio School of Fashions’ Design Studio Kickstarts Careers in the Fashion Industry

The Design Studio at Stadio School of Fashion is thrilled to announce the launch of its unique three-month short course contact program, aimed at levelling the playing field, and providing aspiring professionals with the essential skills needed to succeed in the dynamic world of fashion and design without the constraints of lengthy qualifications or expensive fees.

The comprehensive curriculum offered by the Design Studio is carefully curated to develop the highest level of practical skills and theoretical competency in the shortest time, enabling students to thrive in entry-level fashion contexts. Graduates will gain proficiency in pattern making, garment manufacturing, and creative design, empowering them to produce and communicate specific creative and technical information relevant to the fields of fashion design.

The Design Studio’s program combines three core practices – Pattern Design, Garment Construction, Creative Design and Makeup – to equip students with the knowledge and expertise necessary to jump-start a successful career and reducing the need for long commitments or student debt.

The ten-week course offers an immersive learning experience and is delivered on campus by a dedicated facilitator, ensuring students receive personalised guidance throughout their journey. With a strong emphasis on hands-on learning during this time, students will be supported through teaching and practical assessments on how use the basic tools and techniques necessary for the completion of fashion-related projects.

Divided into four parts, the program covers each core practice in detail, allowing students to build a strong foundation in their chosen area of expertise:

CREATIVE DESIGN – This module introduces students to the theoretical principles of design, equipping them with essential skills such as elementary drawing, technical drawing, and observation. By learning fundamental design processes, students will be able to apply various concepts in a fashion context. The module also teaches students to find inspiration from external sources, enabling them to create visually stunning storyboards for effective presentations.

GARMENT CONSTRUCTION – This module allows students to develop proficiency in using basic garment construction equipment effectively and efficiently. By understanding the order of construction, students will learn to sew garments at a foundation level. The module also focuses on translating basic patterns from 2D to 3D, allowing students to bring their designs to life through practical construction techniques.

PATTERN DESIGN – This module aims to enhance students’ ability to apply elementary measuring and drafting methods. Students will gain insights into proportion, construct mock-ups, and create basic patterns, aligning them with entry-level pattern-making positions in the fashion industry. This module serves as a steppingstone for students to delve deeper into the world of pattern design.

MAKEUP – Students will acquire comprehensive skills aligned to the foundational principles and practices that form the basis of makeup application.

Throughout the program, students will receive comprehensive support, allowing them to acquire the necessary practical skill sets aligned with the fashion design field. From the Elements of Creative Design to the Fundamentals of Garment Construction and An Introduction to Pattern Design, each module breakdown is thoughtfully designed to provide students with a well-rounded education in their chosen discipline.

The Design Studio’s program caters to individuals with a passion for fashion and a desire to pursue a successful career in the industry. Whether students choose to complete the Design Studio program or further expand their skillset through the Online Fashion Entrepreneurship Short Learning Program, they will acquire the tools and knowledge to establish their own fashion brand.

Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on your fashion journey with the Design Studio. Sign up today and unlock your potential in the dynamic and ever-evolving world of fashion.                                              

The course starts on Monday, 7 August 2023, on the Randburg campus.

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