GaloreSA is Turning Three !!!


On 1 March 2019, GaloreSA started as an idea.  A small idea with just Twitter and around 15 followers.

The Colab Network saw us on Twitter and invited us to our first event a couple of weeks after starting, and from there on, GaloreSA was officially born with the main purpose, till today, to promote the arts and entertainment industry in South Africa.

Our Twitter account started growing day after day.

We then decided to give more exposure to the events we attend, to convey these over to our readers.  The GaloreSA Facebook and Instagram were born and last year Tik Tok as well.

On these 4 platforms we have around 26 000 readers, growing monthly.

Due to limitation on words and letters on Twitter, we also created a website, which has gone through several metamorphosis over the past 3 years.  November 2021, we launched our totally revamped and modern website,, all thanks to Alternative Media.  We had to incorporate the POPI Act into our website and permission and policies for cookie usage had to be published.

On our website we have an average unique visitor status of 7500 per month.  This means that these are not repeat IP addresses visiting us, but unique IP’s…First time visitors.

Total visitors per month are around 11 000.  We have also created ad space on our front landing pages where we now give opportunity to people, companies and events to advertise.

Our two biggest achievements were winning the SA Blog Awards as the Best Entertainment Blog in 2019.  This was after a mere 8 months of starting GaloreSA.

In 2020 we got nominated and was a finalist in the New Gen Awards as Best Blog.

On a personal level, our highlight of the past three years was getting to interview Evan Roderick.  For those of you who watched Spinning Out on Netflix, yup, he was the sexy guy on the ice.

GaloreSA was officially registered as a PTY LTD in 2020 and have full business trading capacities.

We do nearly everything.  We have a couple of niches we give attention to which is Entertainment and Lifestyle.  The areas we do not cover at all is politics, religion, and gender related topics.  Further on, Galore means “in abundance”, and that is exactly what we provide to our readers.  A bit of everything in big format.

We have also given away over R50 000 in prizes over the past three years. We’ve attended over 300 shows and events and have published nearly 2000 articles from our friends at PR Companies.  We currently have 102 PR companies which makes use of our services to assist them in publishing articles on our social media sites and website and a couple of private clients who wishes to use us directly.

When we attend an event, we always seem pre-occupied.  And for that we apologize.  But when we are invited to any event, our main goal is to cover the event via social media posts.  We work nonstop to get the message out to our readers, as fast as possible and in the most creative ways.

GaloreSA consists of two people.  Quinton Baillie and Sarel van Vuuren.  Both are full time employees at International Companies and work 8-5 Mondays to Fridays.  GaloreSA then gets run after hours and on weekends with our main goal to run GaloreSA full time in the next 5 years. 

To find out more about the services we offer, drop us an email on  Rate card available on request.

2022 saw the start of our Highly Recommendable lists.  These are for restaurants and hotels specifically.  This list will be updated after each review, leaving our top scorers on the list for future clients to do research on and also, we will provide the details of these establishments to clients enquiring with us about the best places to go to.  You will want to be on this list if you are a restaurant or hotel owner.

We can offer the following, but not limited to :

  1. PR Services
  2. MC’s for your events
  3. Designing of ads
  4. Video Editing and Creation for marketing purposes.
  5. Social Media Marketing for companies on contractual basis – Creating and Maintaining your companies’ social media presence.
  6. Event Coverage via Social Media
  7. Live Broadcasting on GaloreSA pages with events or unboxings.
  8. Marketing a special event you might have
  9. Marketing of artists and shows
  10. Theatre and Stage Production Marketing
  11. Reviews of Restaurants
  12. Reviews of Sleeping Establishments
  13. Reviews of nearly everything else, including products
  14. Interviews
  15. Advertising Options
  16. Launch events media coverage
  17. Publishing of articles for other PR Companies (T’s and C’s Apply)

and just so much more….

We thank each and everyone of our readers, clients and PR Supporters for contributing towards our success and our growth.  GaloreSA has grown from being a blogging entity, to a media house, and for that we are forever grateful.

Plans for the next 3 years…Hmm…Maybe a radio station, a magazine, online store…..who knows.  Let’s just say, watch this space !

Happy Three Years Birthday GaloreSA !!!!

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  1. #GaloreSA3
    Well done guys!!!!!

  2. #GaloreSA3
    Well done!!!

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