#ThisIsUs Blueprint Unleashed.

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And the first run is done!

On 29 June 2023, Ginger Rock and Phil Davel unlocked and unleashed the lofty foreseen #thisisus blueprint at Piza e Vino Lynnwood in Pretoria.

With sheer elegance, the well planned event hosted creative and authentic sponsors highlighting the project and the lifestyle they frame. The customary code of polite behavior among all VIP Guests and Media members was firmly bold as the whole robed in pitch black.

While the MC, Waldo Lotz greeted the guests on arrival, Six Dogs Gin and Fitch & Leedes’ made sure the guests received the finest bespoke welcoming beverages. 

BB Menlyn Ford chaperoned the two on arrival and may we say — in style!

The all black Ford Mustang took front row seat followed by the Ford Raptor on the left and the Everest Next generation on the right representing the two cars for the two different personas.

In the center of the restaurant, YBY Sparkling wine built one breathtaking Sparkling Wine tower. It was most definitely the main feature of the event. Shortly after arrival one of the owners, Jacques Van Litsenborgh, opened the first bottle of Crystal YBY Sparkling wine and instituted the grand cascade starting with the glass at the top of the tower, allowing it to trickle down to fill the rest with the glasses. The prodigious management and staff of Piza e Vino assisted with flair and after a few cracks the belfry ranked in its full glory! The first glasses were handed to G&P as they “slainte” the event!

Grasping across the room you could see flashing pink badges on each and every lady in the room representing Sensi Femme. This sponsor affiliates as a breast cancer awareness/pre-detection product (clove). Gingi and Phil will host the “Let’s be Brave” concept encouraging every single lady to “get up and be brave”. Sensi Femme is a breast self-examination glove that increases the sensitivity of touch, allowing faster and more accurate detection of any unknown formation. The pink presence was well noticed, and we are excited to see what the future will bring, in collaboration with this campaign.

Annelie from Hair Jewel Pretoria made sure HAIR was the talk of the town. Stepping out of the conventional and sliding more to the daring and creative avant-garde hairstyles.  Models paraded amongst guests highly stylized.  You’ve probably heard the term avant-garde thrown around before, usually around fashion or the arts, so you probably have some idea of what it means from the context clues – Let’s Go Big! With a sway of Mediterranean vibes she created out of the box hairstyles that fitted into the theme perfectly. 

Lita Water kept everyone hydrated with the premium water brand featuring the still and the sparkling at the event. The look and feel of the bottles fits in perfectly with the #thisisus brand, bringing that classy feel to any surface it  lands on. Great brand and amazing affiliation! 

While mingling, Bruce Jack Wines representatives granted the guest a taste of the lifestyle wine collection in the Piza e Vino Lynnwood wine cellar. It was fabulous raising a glass or two with old friends like Bob Ffole, Mattys Roets, Boomstomp(Marius) and Logan who also blessed the guests with a song or two.

Anything these two touch they will turn into gold as the positive energy they vibrate is most differently addictive. What an amazing start to the #thisisus project.

What is next everyone asks?

Well, some adventure will follow involving all the sponsors and some celebs. We will keep you in the loop as we go along…the saying goes, watch this space …

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