Petit Biscuit has returned with a stunner of a song, a soaring soon-to-be dance floor smash called “You Don’t Ignore (Too Late)”. Though equipped with punchier drums and an overall edgier sound than his classics, the real difference between this new single and prior work is his voice. Confident, expressive and right in the pocket, Petit Biscuit has grown into a true singer right before our very eyes. Couple that with his incredibly polished production skills – on full display here (see the vocal chops that almost function as synth/keyboard tones) – and Petit Biscuit can lay claim to being one of the most talented artists not just in his home country of France, but in the entire world.

Watch the lyric video for ‘You Don’t Ignore (Too Late)’ here:

Petit Biscuit’s journey to finding his true singing voice is a fascinating one, because it gradually became obvious to him, rather than being his plan from the start. His breakout 2017 debut album Presence (“Sunset Lover”, “Problems”) included instrumental tracks with some vocal features but his focus remained on the production. On 2020’s Parachute, his second album, Petit began using his voice albeit with some effects (“Driving Through The Night”), deploying it almost as an instrument, which worked very well on record but was tough to replicate in the live show setting. At this point he knew he needed to discover his actual voice and range, and with intense training, he did just that. And amazingly enough, his authentic vocal pocket is that of a smooth, buttery falsetto which echoes The Weeknd or even Michael Jackson. Petit Biscuit now stands proud as a fully developed artist, ready to deliver for his fans in ways he never could before. And while he most certainly delivers on “You Don’t Ignore (Too Late)”, he also included a B-Side single called “Honor Your Goals”, a nod to his older work in which he’s still layering his newfound vocal prowess throughout.

All of this, along with over 4 billion career streams and 4.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify; global radio support from powerhouses including SiriusXM Chill (US), NRJ (France) and triple j (AUS); and major global festival appearances including Coachella (US), Lollapalooza (US), Listen Out (AUS), plus his own sold out headlining tours. Yet, somehow Petit Biscuit is not yet a household name. His catalog extends far beyond “Sunset Lover” and with his new, ambitious album he’ll only be adding to his legacy.

More on Petit Biscuit:

Petit Biscuit, also known as Mehdi Benjelloun, is a French music producer. His music style blends electronic, ambient, and downtempo elements, characterized by organic sounds and ethereal melodies. Since releasing two studio albums (2017’s Presence, 2020’s Parachute), Petit Biscuit has achieved a remarkable 4 billion career streams, with his global hit “Sunset Lover” contributing nearly 2 billion streams alone.


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