Britney Meistre unveils her brilliant new single and music video for “What About Us”

With two chart-teasing singles already to her name, 23-year-old Britney Meistre is back with her highly anticipated, Stateside-written and produced track, “What About Us”.
In a musical journey that only truly took flight when she secured a Top 16 slot on Idols SA in the mid-2016s, Britney’s chart trajectory, first with her 2021 Lee Cole-produced debut, “Where Are You Now?” followed by last year’s “By My Side”, is nothing shy of impressive.
“What About Us” reveals a maturity, informed by her time spent with her Los Angeles-based co-writing and production team (Onkey and Indasoul Records), first with “By My Side” and now, more excitedly with her brand new, California-captured single.
Familiar yet excitingly refreshing, “What About Us” talks to all our most profound insecurities while teasing with it a beat that’s as addictive as any relationship promises at the outset.
Production prowess, married with intoxicating lyrics, makes this track stick in a way that radio truly loves.
The music video for “What About Us” is released alongside the single and was filmed in Johannesburg by Kyle Sloan (Videographer Director) and Darren Farrar (Director of Photography) of Black Water Project.
Britney explains what the theme behind the music video is, saying “The video plays out as if someone was getting dressed for a big fancy red carpet or glamorous event, and her date does not show. All she can think about while getting dressed and ready is whether her date is going to pitch or let her down again.”

Watch the music video for “What About Us” HERE

As to what the balance of 2023 holds for Britney, “I am hoping to release an EP by the end of the year,” she reveals in closing, “which I will be working closely with Lee Cole on. He does most of my recordings in South Africa and has become a great friend.”

To that, we thank you for “What About Us” and a bigger thank you for what’s promised. Enjoy her trilogy to here, all while we wait for more sure-fire magic to unfold.

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