SA’s Naomi Grace drops new single, ‘thursday’ produced by award-winning producer, Denholm Harding


After releasing her first single, “Never Alone” in early 2021 and her second single, “<3break” in late 2022, singer/songwriter, Naomi Grace, is back with her latest single, “thursday” which dropped on the 4th of May on all major streaming platforms. Naomi teamed up with award-winning producer, Denholm Harding for her single, ‘<3break’, and the duo have come together again for her latest offering. 

Naomi believes strongly in being vulnerable, honest and raw when it comes to her music and her no single is no different. ‘thursday’ was written from the experience of her most-recent heartbreak and how that affected her, “I wrote this song exactly two months after my breakup and wrote exactly what I was feeling in the moment. I wrote this on and about the day ‘thursday’ which was a significant day in my breakup.” Another aspect that inspired this up and coming artist to write this song is the fact that so many people would be able to relate to the emotions that “thursday” reflects. “I want listeners to completely resonate with my music and feel the things that they cannot verbalise,” Naomi shares. “I think what was the hardest thing for me was that I could not properly say what I was feeling and so writing a song about it just seemed necessary. The writing and producing process of ‘thursday’ was an emotional experience and, at times, very hard for me because it was an acceptance of everything I had gone through.” 

Listen to ‘thursday’ here:

Naomi teamed up with award-winning producer, Denholm Harding, for the first time towards the end of 2021. Their synergy in the studio confirmed to Naomi that he was the right producer for her music. “Denholm is one of the most talented musicians and is able to read my mind when it comes to what I want for my music. He has been able to take my ideas and help me turn them into pure magic and even when I cannot fully explain what I want, Denholm just gets it. It is so important to work with people who understand your vision and who motivate and push you to make your art the best it can be and that is what Denholm Harding has done for me.”

The only way is up for this talented young singer/songwriter. Her previous releases received great support from many stations across the country and in April of this year, Naomi was able to perform “<3break” as a surprise/opening act for Ross Learmonth’s launch of his debut album, “Carousel” and performed alongside Ross Learmonth, Jesse Clegg, Majozi, Lee Cole and Bianca Blanc. 

You can expect to hear more from Naomi as she is already working on her next single as well as dropping an EP later this year. She hopes to perform a lot more this year and is working towards expanding her reach when it comes to her music.  “I am so excited for this track to be released and for it to get out there because I think it is such an important one for everyone to hear.”

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