The world-renowned political play “WOZA ALBERT!’’ moves to The Soweto Theatre after great demand


Soweto you asked and we listened!. After a successful 12 day run at the Joburg Theatre, world-renowned political play “WOZA ALBERT!’’ is moving to The Soweto Theatre from 08-12 May.

Woza Albert! written by Percy Mtwa, Mbongeni Ngema and Barney Simon, remains one of the most vibrant examples of satirical anti-apartheid South African Theatre. It is a great theatre piece and is also a great tool for audience development while assisting schools with their school curriculum.

The play Woza Albert! narrates the struggles of South Africans during the apartheid era, by traversing different theatre abstracts to unpack the events of the story. It explores a wide range of characters in South Africa at the beginning of the 1980s and attacks the pass laws that prevented black South Africans from moving freely at that time. The production uses the metaphor of “Morena (Jesus)” to show what would happen if he came back to South Africa during apartheid. Would he like what he saw? And if he saw the atrocities of the time, then why would he not do anything about them?

“The phenomenon you find, all around the world is how classics are constantly celebrated by iconic venues.  Woza Albert is interwoven to the South African narrative, It is a piece that touches on a certain period in our country, it has an educational spin for the young patrons and yet it reminds the seasoned patrons to look back to the degradation of the past and how telling such stories should augur well for the aspirations of the future.

It is a play that gave the South African narrative its international visibility. An absolute feast for both audiences and actors in the production. Thulani and Hamilton are such a MARVEL to watch in this production. A timeless piece of theatre that also celebrates our story telling and how our actors have the AMAZING knack to immerse themselves in the idea of playing characters .”- Said James Ngcobo, Artistic Director of Joburg City Theatres.

The iconic play unleashes unforgettable memories of the events that took place during the apartheid era. This play explores a two-hander performance style which was written by the South African “Theatre-veterans”, Dr. Mbongeni Ngema, Percy Mtwa, and Barney Simon.

Woza Albert! Is billed to run from 08 – 12 May 2023, at Soweto Theatre. Tickets are available at:

For school bookings or discounts contact: Amanda Motsegoa at 010 446 1473 or send an email to:

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