ARC Studio Is Here!

ARC Studio is here! Perfect your look while learning expert-approved tips and tricks in a flash. Book one-on-one time with one of our Makeup Architects to master the basics or learn how to enhance your favourite feature. From quick contouring tips to all out glam makeovers, our menu of makeup services will have you feeling beautiful!​

What is ARC Studio?

ARC studio is ARC’s answer to instore makeup services and brand events. Customers are encouraged to selct a service from the menu and book in store with an architect or online using our easy-to-use booking tool.

The customer will get one-on-one time with our makeup experts; 30 mins for a Flash Session and 60 mins for a Full Face Session. Are services are both a mini class to help the customer learn tricks and techniques so that they feel comfortable to do it themselves at home, as well as an option for a quick refresh or makeover, when you just need that professional hand.

What’s on the ARC Studio menu?

Flash Sessions | 30 mins | R400 (complimentary for the month of April, thereafter the cost is redeembable in product)

Learn expert-approved tips and tricks in a flash. Spend one-on-one time with one of our trained architects to learn the basics or enhance your favourite feature.

Foundation Match | 30 mins

Unsure about where to start?  Is it a BB or CC? Are you a full matte coverage fan do you prefer a lightweight dewy look?  What’s a primer for? We’re here to assist you to find your perfect foundation match.

Glow & Go | 30 mins

Discover how to achieve an effortless, yet impactful glow using some easy-to-follow highlighting tricks. You’ll turn heads with skin looking polished and radiant.

1…2…3 Colour! | 30 mins

Looking to level up with colour? With a few clever tricks and a multi-tasking products, we’ll level up your look in a (colour) flash.

Quick Contour | 30 mins

Get to know the difference between bronzing and contouring and show off a sun-kissed glow with a naturally sculpted look.

Full Face Sessions | 60 mins | R800 (The cost is redeemable in product)

Learn how to build and perfect your full look with the help of our expert Architects who will guide you from start to finish, whether you are looking for a natural, polished look or wanting to go full out glam.

Totally Natural | 60 mins

Book this service to learn how to get that polished, no make-up make-up look that translates perfectly for the day. Our makeup artists will share tips, tricks, and the ideal product kit for long-lasting wear.

All Out Glam | 60 mins

Dial up the volume on glamour for a full, head-turning face that you can wear to an event, date night or party. This look includes night-friendly coverage, a glammed-up eye, contouring and highlighting and lip colour application.

Brand Experiences

Keep your eyes peeled for special experiences and events from your favourite brands.

Jo Loves Fragrance Tapas | Complimentary

​Relax at our Jo Loves bar, hear the wonderful stories behind some of the Jo Loves by Jo Malone CBE fragrances, and experience a scented tapas to amuse your nose and scent your skin.

Bath Cologne is warmed within a tagine and released via a cloud of scented steam.

Cleanser is shaken over ice and strained into a glass.

Lotion is whipped and foamed before being swept gently onto your skin with a paintbrush.

Enjoy this unique, in-depth fragrance journey while sipping on bubbles.

How do you book?

Bookings can be made online at


Book in store with one of our ARChitects

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