With South Africa Fashion Week almost upon us, excitement is building at the House of Rubicon, who are set to launch their latest collection this Thursday.
As with the previous showcase in 2021, the AW’23 season collection is heavily inspired by the late Dickson Ralushai, father to founder of Rubicon Hangwani Nengovhela. The collection pays homage to her father’s endless signature of strength and perseverance.
In addition this year’s theme is underlined by the flow of water. There is no denying there is something truly fascinating and powerful about the way water flows, without being compromised by rocks or any other obstacles that hinders it’s path. So too is the new collection entitled Mahovhohovho:- a flowing and serene yet powerful and enchanting waterfall.
         ‘The past two and half years have been a true testament to our resilience and persistence in an almost non-operational industry. This year’s AW’23 collection is inspired by the power and strength that we possess. And just like still waters we never compromise our form but rather adapt to any trials and tribulations that come our way. The new collection will interpret the way in which water flows smoothly whilst never losing its formation, but rather adapting to the different streams that may come it’s way’ stated founder and lead designer of Rubicon, Hangwani Nengovhela.
Descended from Venda heritage, Hangwani and her Rubicon brand have always drawn inspiration from her homeland. Aligning with the classic elegance that is the image of Rubicon, the new collection will mimic the different flows of water, specifically taking reference to the majestic Phiphidi Waterfall in the northern part of the Limpopo province of South Africa.
In alignment with the theme of the collection, music by Limpopo’s own legendary musical genius L‘Wei  Ntshivehale will be played during the live showcase.

With over 20 years built on high end fashion, Rubicon is a forerunner in uplifting women across the country and have proven time and time again that in order to stay on top of the fashion world, quality is highly imperative and is the true art of fashion. Hence the brand spans longstanding relations with loyal clients for over 20 years or more.

For additional information and to view the latest collection, check out Rubicon’s social media platform as per below: 
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