Melanie J’s long-distance relationship serves as inspiration for new spiritual single


Life is not always easy, but with God’s grace and enough perseverance, you can get through anything, reach your goals and have the opportunity to make a difference.

This is true for Melanie J, who has just released a heart-warming new single, after having to overcome quite a few obstacles to be where she is today.

This singer, who studied music at COPA and made a name for herself as the winner of the PACISA singing competition, considers it her calling to help heal people and bring them closer to God.

With her third single, TWEE IS BETER AS EEN, she uses her own love story as proof that when you trust in God, everything in your life will ultimately fall into place.

This spiritual Afrikaans pop song, which she co-wrote with Jolanda Becker, is about a relationship that, despite physical distance and challenges, grows into a meaningful romantic partnership, bound together in faith.

“Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 and my own relationship served as inspiration for TWEE IS BETER AS EEN,” she says. “In the song, there is a line about how long I have subconsciously loved the man that I have prayed for, for so long. Donovan and I may not have known each other for years, but what I had been praying for came true when I met him. Neither of us thought we were ever going to find someone special, but God clearly had big plans for us. Today we are married.”

The song, with its deep and meaningful lyrics and catchy melody, was produced by Artistry Productions’ Jattie de Beer, and aims to give hope to those who have given up on love.

“Although we may not understand the pain we are going through now, there will come a day when we understand why we had to experience certain things. Sometimes love does not come when we want it to, but when we have made peace with where we are and who we are growing to be.”

A music video, which is just as impressive as the song itself, will also be available soon.

Although Melanie J grew up in the small town of Ladysmith, she has always had big dreams for her music and has worked tirelessly to make them come true.

“I have always been passionate about music. Not only is it my way of escaping reality, but also of expressing my feelings and touching people’s hearts,” she says.

The 21-year-old musician has been in the music industry for three years and has already achieved several career highlights, such as topping Bosveld Stereo’s top 20 hit parade with her song – Verdwaal.

However, helping to heal hearts with her music is her main objective, as she has had to overcome her own personal struggles over the years and even tried to commit suicide in 2019.

“It is not necessarily an achievement, but an honour that so many young men and women have reached out to me about broken hearts and how to get closer to God. It gives me meaning as an artist and a person,” the singer explains. “In 2019, I overdosed and didn’t want to live anymore, but God graciously spared my life,” she adds.

She describes her music as honest and reveals that people and events in her everyday life have a big influence on the songs she chooses to sing.

“If a person comes to me during a show and asks me to sing a specific song, I immediately feel a connection with how the person feels or the perspective they have. One can understand a lot about others, just by the type of music or words they listen to.”

When asked about her role models in the music industry, she shares that there are different qualities that she admires in different artists.

She is impressed by Elvis Blue’s talent as songwriter and storyteller, Riana Nel’s faith, Kim Walker Smith’s range, and Shania Twain’s ability to touch people’s hearts with her music. She also hopes to work with big names like Onbeskaamd, Retief Burger, Dodo, and Jervis Campbell someday.

Melanie is not only a musician, but also owns her own boutique, Mel J’s Boutique & Crafts. She also plans on emigrating to Scotland later this year where her husband, whom she recently married, and his family already reside.

The music industry has taught her to stay true to herself, despite other people’s opinions. “Don’t try to change yourself to impress others. Sometimes you have to forget about people’s opinions in order to understand God’s purpose for your life,” she believes.

TWEE IS BETER AS EEN is now available on all digital streaming platforms and serves as a reminder that with enough love and faith, anything is possible.


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