Following her previous single, ‘Video Games’, SAMA-nominated Amy Lilley has shared a second single off her upcoming debut album entitled, ‘Petrichor’.

Amy describes more about the story behind the song, “I wrote this song about two people that always missed each other like ships in the night. For some reason they can’t find each other and be there for one another but in the end they are always your person. Even if at times you don’t see eye to eye or cannot seem to  find that common ground, there is deep love between them and a deeper level of understanding.”

While the chorus repeats the line ‘burning for miles’, Amy delves a little further into the meaning behind that line. “When it comes down to that line in the chorus, it’s just reiterating the idea that those would be the moments where you can’t seem to connect with them or they have let you down and it just sets you off. You can see it burning for miles.”

Dipped in nostalgia, ‘Miles’ is reminiscent of the synth-pop sound that is making a strong comeback on the charts. With influences as far-ranging as Bruce Springsteen, Twinpeaks, and Patsy Cline, Amy Lilley has added her own take on them and still creates a sound that is relevant to today’s industry. This nostalgic, old-sound vibe will be a through line in the upcoming album and the kind of music “you would play in the car on a road trip when you’ve just made the choice to change your heart. Not forgetting all the bad stuff that happens and has happened but rather understanding it and choosing to move forward from it.” Amy describes.

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