Jamie-Lee Sexton – Powerhouse single ‘Run Run Run


Today Jamie-Lee Sexton releases her latest heart-thumping single ‘Run Run Run’, this time with a bold sonic departure. The release takes place moments after the success of her previous single ‘Falling For You’ which debuted at Number 1 on iTunes Top 200 charts, and then climbed the radio charts to Number 1 on SA airwaves. Jamie-Lee saw further potential and decided to remix the track with Ghanaian Grammy Award Winner C-tea, which received great traction in upper Africa.

‘Run Run Run’ is the beginning of a new journey that is engulfed by freedom and liberation – both ideals that have been on Jamie-Lee’s cards for a long time.

It’s an amalgamation of soul, dance and pop. The bones of the song sit in the deep, powerful vocals that are layered in an atmosphere of new discovery, exploration and bass heavy beats.

The song is designed to captivate the listener in a trance-like state, with the driving melodies and rolling drums to keep moving you forward through the unknown sonic (and introspective) terrain. “‘Run Run Run’ is a dream. Close your eyes and see.” Says Jamie-Lee, referencing the paradoxical, yet enlightening punchline of the song.

The music video, which is set in the midst of a forest where Jamie-Lee ‘runs’ into a new discovery, will officially release on Thursday 16th March. She explains that the concept came about in her dreams:

“ I woke up with this detailed dream about how I wanted the song to be visualized. I wrote it all down and started the process to create it. It was the hardest and most physical shoot I have done with a lot of falls in between. But after seeing the outcome, I couldn’t be happier, I know it was all worth it.”

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