Emotional new single explores the bonds created over time

Every person who has had the privilege to be in a long, meaningful relationship will know that such relationships are not without their troubles and challenges. This is the theme at the heart of Fransien Scott’s new single.

STORM IN MY HART, written by the artist herself and produced by Helmut Meijer and Lukas de Beer, is a romantic ballad about a relationship that has suffered and been strained over the years, but where a lasting desire exists for peace and harmony. It explores the deep bonds and connections built over time and explains why these bonds must never be underestimated.

“We live in a time where people are becoming increasingly unwilling and unmotivated to fight for one another. The alternative – dissolving long and meaningful relationships on a whim – seems to be an easier and more carefree option. Our selfish nature often drives us to act in our own best interest and to place ourselves and our needs before those of others. I believe that it has become too easy to pack up and walk out rather than fulfilling our promises and obligations towards one another,” shares Fransien.

“In an effort to protect our hearts and our humanity, we tend to hide in our arsenal, prepared for a fight. However, by emphasising the importance of selflessness and sacrifice, the song urges us to lay down our arms for one another and for peace,” she explains.

The emotionally laden music video for STORM IN MY HART shows a couple moving alongside each other but in separate worlds. Imagined and realised by a team of talented South African artists and shot at the stunning 401 Rozendal in the Cape, one space was used to create two different but intertwined worlds. “I wanted to show how easy it is to be so close yet so far apart when we are wrapped up in our own things. I think the video perfectly captures the intense emotion and heartache of a broken relationship.”

Watch the video here: 

STORM IN MY HART is Fransien’s seventh single and follows in the footsteps of radio hits like Koninkryk van BetonStaan Reg and Roei.

The singer-songwriter, who is also skilled at playing guitar and piano, grew up in a musical home and worked as a teacher before moving overseas with her husband. 

In addition to running her own business called FynBos Interiors, which does renovations in the Algarve, her plans for 2023 include launching a natural cosmetics business in partnership with a friend. She will also continue to make a difference with her women’s ministry, KeeperSoul Women, with two fully booked camps already scheduled for this year. 

In her free time, she hopes to continue creating new music and looks forward to releasing a few more singles in 2023.

STORM IN MY HART is a touching single which explores a difficult topic with honestly and vulnerability, and the deeply emotional message is supported by a soothing and reassuring melody.

“I hope listeners who find themselves in a strained situation will be moved by the song’s message and that it will make them consider all their options before taking a big and painful decision that may lead them on an ultimately unfulfilling path.”

Download it here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/fransienscott1/storm-in-my-hart


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