Centurion Theatre – Making events, eventful.

Last week, the boys from GaloreSA had the honour to celebrate the Queer Fest at the Centurion Theatre which stretched over four days.

Located at 123 Amkor Road, Lyttleton Manor and Centurion, it has ample parking and security guards patrolling the parking lot.

The theatre staff are super friendly and reminded us that a smiling face at the door, can make the world of difference.

With seating for around 230 guests, pure and crisp sound and state of art lighting, this venue is a must if you are looking for a small theatre with all the bells and whistles.

The first annual Queer Fest was held from 11 May till 14 May at the Centurion Theatre.  This is the first year running and we foresee great things if they do decide to give it a second running in 2023.

The talent on stage was a celebration of the LGBTQI+ community and was attended by not just the LGBTQI+ community, but by all human beings from all corners of life.  The performances ranges from Betty Bangles, Shenay O’Brien, Riri Rouge, EDO & Nightingale and the amazing Armand Joubert & Yahto Kraft.  It was awesome seeing the support from the whole community.

As the theatre stated on their website :

Our vision is and will always be to provide a space for the community to connect, get inspired and be entertained. Our mission then requires an absolute commitment to reaching out and taking hands with the community. Together, we will revel in and further the human experience that is theatre through the creation, promotion and revitalization of the arts.

The theatre has an intimate bar area downstairs, called Die Kelder.  This space can host around 50 people.  Upon looking at their price lists, the drinks are extremely affordable in comparison with some other venues we went to before.  The barman serves you with a smile.

The Centurion Theatre is one of those theatres that is managed by such amazing people. 

Tiaan Kirsten-Lubbe (Owner and Director of Marketing and Operations)

Lian Sachse (Owner and Director of Artist Liaison and Sales)

You can clearly see when someone is just in it for the money or if they are passionate about the performing arts.  And they are passionate !

Keep an eye on their website www.centurionteater.co.za to stay up to date on the shows they are having and some very famous South African names performing on their stage.

All bookings can also be done by visiting their website or calling them on 087-265 7976, WhatsApp on 063-376 4982.  Alternatively, you can email them on info@centurionteater.co.za

The venue is also available to hire.  The perfect setting for awards functions, seminars, business meetings, etc.  Click on the link to view pricing : https://centurionteater.co.za/book-venue/

This gem will definitely see us more often.

And a last word from us to you, our readers, or rather a plea, please support the performing arts.  Please support our artists and performers, as this is the foundation on what society should be built on. 

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