David Fourie revives famous Donna Summer hit!

David Fourie definitely needs no introduction. He has been making waves in the industry ever since he stepped onto the SA IDOLS stage in 2002 and has had a very successful music career so far.

He has always been a creative soul and his latest single, ON THE RADIO, once again proves that he is not afraid to put his unique stamp on the projects he is working on.

This remake of the popular Donna Summer hit, produced by Marius Brouwer and Dirk van Niekerk, uniquely combines elements of soul, disco and pop and will surely appeal to his fans.

“I am a big fan of Donna Summer and soul and disco music and have enjoyed reviving this song,” he explains. ON THE RADIO is any musician’s dream and brings back childhood memories of me wishing that they would play my songs on the radio.” 

A music video of the cover is now also available. It was filmed in Pretoria by Pierre Smith and includes various scenes that were shot in studio and outside.

“The video tells a story of what happens when you hear a song that reminds you of a difficult relationship. As soon as you think you have moved on, you hear something that brings all of those memories back,” shares the musician.

“In the video I am portrayed as a clean-cut singer singing and playing the piano, as well as my scruffy tattooed alter ego,” he reveals. There is also a scene of a girl dancing on the roof. Just like radio waves, different scenes pulse through the video and symbolises the emotional ups and downs that we all experience at some point in time.”

According to him, the message of the video and song is that music (especially on the radio) is a conductor for the soul because it brings back waves of memories and emotion, good or bad.

Watch the video here:

ON THE RADIO follows in the footsteps of numerous radio hits, including Ek Wil Jou Ken, Kaboemielies, Hou My Vas Stywer Vas, My Hart Het Klaar Besluit, Jy Soen Soos ’n Engel, Vandag Maak Ek Jou My Vrou, and more.

David has been singing since he was six and always wanted to be a musician. He made his debut in the industry in 2002 as a finalist in the South African version of the reality show, IDOLS.

His debut album, Land in die Suide, was released shortly after in 2003 and was nominated for a SAMA award.

David enjoyed several career highlights to date, including opening for Westlife on their South African tour and he was invited as a special guest to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011. He also recorded the winning song, Running Scared, which became a no.1 hit in South Africa. He has appeared on international television on several

occasions, performing the South African, Australian, and Scottish Anthems at rugby tests between 2007 and 2019.

The 42-year-old was born in the Free State and currently resides in Cape Town with his live partner, Shaun. He has a grade six music qualification from Unisa and was part of the Bloemfontein Youth Choir with whom he performed in Germany and Switzerland. 

He also lived in New Zealand, where he worked and performed for a while, before returning home. 

David would have liked to be a chef or food critic if he had to choose a different career and reveals that he had to sell slimming products to survive while living in India.

The music industry taught him the importance of taking a break from the limelight to rediscover and re-establish yourself. 

He also works as a creative director for a company in New Zealand and produces English study material for kids all over the world. He is also busy establishing his own line of fitness clothing and gives music lessons to disabled children.

His plans for 2023 include releasing more new music and collaborating on an online song with autistic children in Auckland with physical challenges.

ON THE RADIO is an impressive revival of an old crowd favourite that is going to remain popular for years to come. 

Like the remake of a classic, the song and video displays how David reinvents himself and every classic deserves a remake.

“The song combines my strengths: my vocals, piano skills, rhythm and emotions and pays tribute to older genres like soul and disco,” he concludes.  

The single is now available on all digital platforms. Download it here: https://li.sten.to/ontheradio


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