Kahn Morbee releases ‘The Colours and The Shapes’ as the latest single from his current studio album.


Pictured: Kahn Morbee
Photo Credit – Chashish

Kahn Morbee released his much-anticipated 3rd studio album ‘A World at Suicide’ on the 23rd of September with an overwhelming response and praise. Today Kahn releases the next single from the album with ‘The Colours and The Shapes’ unveiled alongside a lyric video for the track.

Watch the lyric video here :

Kahn talks about ‘The Colours and The Shapes’ and what the writing process and inspiration behind the single was, saying “Initially, this was going to be the album title until a massive Foo Fighters friend of mine told me that it is the title of a Foo Fighters album. The song’s idea came about because my kids, being very young, were at that stage of learning colours and shapes and experimenting with them in a tactile sense. This became a metaphor for how we observe and experience life; the visual aspect of life is a conglomerate of colours and shapes. Life is also shaped with words, thoughts, and ideas that ultimately merge to shape our experiences. These words create substance and meaning, and ideas and thoughts manifest into physical shapes as humankind creatively invents things and changes the organic shape of this planet into a dance between mother nature’s forms and manufactured shapes. It starts with consciousness, a thought, and just as an artist sculpts the future version of a slab of marble into a statue of some virtuous human, so too can we use thoughts to shape the future version of ourselves into a better version of ourselves. Therefore, the original shape is thought/consciousness, and from these ideas, we manifest a myriad of colours and shapes.”

‘The Colours and The Shapes’ is the latest single from Kahn Morbee’s new studio album ‘A World at Suicide’. The 12-track album is arguably Kahn’s finest solo work to date and a must-listen for any music lover.

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