5 ways to spark your wanderlust, with the local influencer power couple, Rego & Dise

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The South African festive season is fast approaching, and this is a period when people take time off from their busy schedules to do the things that they enjoy the most. South Africans are already in full swing planning their end-of-year activities, with travel being the most popular of activities on everyone’s to-do list.

Sadudee Sangnil, Director at The Tourism Authority of Thailand, claims that travelling with your significant other is undeniably exciting since you get to discover new destinations and try out novel experiences. For couples seeking more romance and elegance during their holiday, Thailand is a fantastic choice. The nation is a fantastic vacation destination because of its beautiful beaches, exotic islands, and well-known wellness treatments.

Rego & Dise, a South African influencer power couple, were the most recent duo to inspire and activate the travel bug among their social media followers with their recent trip to Thailand, which had followers glued to their screens.

The trip saw the couple exploring Thailand, trying out new dishes, visiting tourist attractions, and sharing their favourite spots and moments with their followers along the way. When asked about their experience, Rego & Dise shared that to truly appreciate the beauty and rich cultural heritage of Thailand and that the country was definitely a must-visit for couples. Furthermore, they mentioned that the architecture, the beautiful views, and the couple’s-specific adventures were the highlights of the trip.

Rego & Dise says that Thailand should be on the bucket list of all South Africans looking to travel this festive season and shared their 5 reasons to spark your wanderlust.

Full IG Reel can be viewed here: https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/18297329332022141/

  1. Sleeping in luxury

The luxurious villas and suites are all chic, tranquil havens that permit Bangkok’s riverfront splendour to serve as their focal point. Rego & Dise’s first hotel stay was at Capella Bangkok, and their favourite part of the trip was the room’s view of the Chao Phraya River. The pair described the room as being breathtakingly gorgeous and extravagant while giving their fans a tour of the hotel.

  1. Food to feed the heart of the soul

In Thai culture, eating is a big aspect of social gatherings which is why it was not surprise when Rego & Dise’s relationship with food in Thailand was love at first bite. The couple led their fans on a culinary adventure during the entire trip, enjoying the Thai custom of sharing a variety of meals at PhraNakhonBangkok as well as Okayu Suzuki – which is like soup, but more filling at Capella Bangkok and Rongros Bangkok.

  1. Embracing the rich culture

The Grand Palace, located in the centre of Bangkok, was the couple’s first stop to explore Thailand’s powerful, rich tradition and culture. Rego & Dise were astounded by the structures’ beauty and architecture. One of Bangkok’s oldest temples, Wat Pho Temple, was the next place the couple headed. They took a shot at the Kong, and according to Thai culture, the harder you hit the Kong the more successful you will become.

  1. Couple who adventure together, stay together

Everyone’s hearts are warmed by the idyllic romantic retreat that is Thailand.  From glorious beaches and soaring mountains to rugged jungles and cities full of culture, those visiting the country can find the perfect place in this country to feel love. Rego & Dise visited Railay Beach to find bioluminescent planktons on a dual-seat crystal kayak in the ocean. The couple said this was an excellent relationship-building activity because communication during the exercise was important.

They continued their trip with a romantic boat ride in Krabi and dinner at Lae Lay Grill on the lovebird seat.

  1. A divine spa experience

Their exploration was followed by a rejuvenation session at the Auriga Wellness Spa. Rego & Dise talked about how relaxing it was to watch the spa garden while in the waiting area. The 60-minute couples’ massage Rego & Dise received was so relaxing that Rego fell asleep on the table.

Want more from Rego & Dise? The couple shares their full experience on the social media accounts below.


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