Len Muller takes a chance on love with new single


What started out as a jam session in studio, developed into a unique single that will remain popular with Afrikaans listeners for years to come. 

“It sounded like someone who met the love of his life and decided to risk everything by telling her how he feels,” says Len Muller about the idea behind his latest single, JY MOET WEET.

According to the singer-songwriter he only wrote the lyrics for this Afrikaans acoustic track, which is typical of the style he is known for, after spending time in studio with producer, Francois de Klerk, and discovering a tune that they both liked.

“Sometimes you have a melody in your head that effortlessly translates into words,” he explains. “It felt like the song chose me and I am honoured to sing it.”

The single has a catchy tune and will appeal to a broad audience.

JY MOET WEET follows in the footsteps of Huis Toe, which was part of a successful advertising campaign for Klein Kaap Boutique Hotel on kykNET.

Since launching his solo career nine years ago, there has been many highlights in Len’s career. He not only had the opportunity to collaborate with big names in the music industry, but also released three successful albums and established himself as a songwriter.

He is best-known for his hit, Vrede, which was used as the theme song of the kykNET sitcom, Mense Mense and was nominated for a Huisgenoot Tempo Award for Song of the Year. He is also a member of Musiek Soos Grond with Joshua na die Reën, Kaleidoskoop, Leon Gropp, Lizandra Winter and Liani Reynolds, which was founded in 2019 and still perform together occasionally.

Len resides in Cape Town, and also manages bookings for artists like Juan Boucher and Danie du Toit (Reënwolf).

His plans for the rest of the year include a nationwide tour and writing songs for other artists. To make a booking or to enquire about a song, contact him on bookings@lenmuller.co.za or len@lenmuller.co.za.

With JY MOET WEET the artist once again proves why he is worthy of his place in the local music industry. 

Download it here: https://ditto.fm/jymoetweet


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lenmuller1/?fref=ts

Twitter: @lenniemuller

Instagram: @lennie.muller

Website: www.lenmuller.co.za

YouTube: www.youtube.com/lenniemuller

SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/lenmuller

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