Frans Karoo is back with his latest single ‘Towerkop’


Frans Karoo unveils his third Afrikaans release with his next single ‘Towerkop’ leading towards the release of his debut Afrikaans album in January 2023.
Frans, who made a name for himself as the frontman of Blues Rock bands Jet Black Camaro and Gunshot Blue, launched his solo Afrikaans music career with the release of his debut single ‘O God‘ in June of this year. He followed that up with the second single ‘Die Breils‘ and is releasing his latest track ‘Towerkop’ today, November 18th.

Watch the lyric video for ‘Towerkop’ HERE

Hunter Kennedy is no stranger to the Afrikaans Rock scene and is known as a songwriter and musician for big bands like Fokofpolisiekar, Die Heuwels Fantasties and aKing. He shares his views on Frans and the single, saying “Frans is a Boer Shaman. He reaps thoughts of an alternative history. He twists the Karoo horizon into a sinister magical landscape. ‘Towerkop’ is a spaghetti western tale of a man that finds his ending in the arms of a lady of the night.”
What can you expect from Frans’ debut album? In his own unique way, Frans says “Love in the vineyard. Blood, sweat and tears. Voyages of discovery. Grape pressing. Dancing on a Saturday night. Rituals, dusty roads. Twilight. Homecoming. Campfire. Grape harvest. Drunk on Great Marico. Moonlight. Kneading dough. Grabbing a book. Candles. Torchlight. Scorched earth. Sadness. Ancestors. Raw. Saying goodbye. Mountains. Thorns. Rivers. Swimming. Horses. Beads. Nature. Win. Dark. Reverend. Church. Losing. Romantic. Courtship. In love. Charmed. Blessings. Magical moments. The invisible. Ghosts. Streets of the Night. Miners. God. Escapism. Blossom.”

Stream/listen to ‘Towerkop’ HERE

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