Bianca Blanc and Justin Serrao collaborate on the magical duet ‘Wonder Wonder’


Two of SA’s top singers and songwriters, Bianca Blanc and Justin Serrao, have collaborated on what could be 2022’s local pop duet of the year with ‘Wonder Wonder’.
Both Justin and Bianca are phenomenal artists in their own right and they now come together on the hauntingly beautiful duet ‘Wonder Wonder’. Bianca recalls how the collab came about, saying “I had always wanted to work with Justin on a song because I’m such a fan, and I had a concept for this song. I knew I wanted it to be a duet. I thought of asking Justin as option one from the start because of his killer vocals and beautiful songwriting style”
Both their voices compliment each other so well. Bianca brings a gentle and beautiful sound with her honey-soaked vocals, which is balanced with the country rock sound of Justin’s hypnotic tone.
Justin delves into the songwriting process and what inspired ‘Wonder Wonder’, explaining “Shortly after Bianca’s breakup, we met up to write a song. We started messing around with a few songs until Bianca said she had this little idea she wrote down but was a bit shy to play it because it was about her breakup. We started working it and the song just flowed. The whole process has been great working with Bianca on this release.”
The release of the single is accompanied by the brilliant music video, filmed at Justin’s YYY SHOWS studio.

Watch the music video for ‘Wonder Wonder’

Justin and Bianca worked with Dave Grevler from Anti-Motion Creative on the filming of the video. Justin and Dave also both produced the video and the colour grading was done by Richard Oldfield Films. “The thinking behind the video concept was simplistic warm and earthy frames, accompanied by the combination of subtle handheld and cinematic camera movements,” explains Dave Grevler from Anti-Motion Creative. “Shooting Justin and Bianca on the white backdrop kept the focus on them to get the song’s emotion across, but we decorated the frame with all the moody lights and lens flairs to bring the story together. We broke the performance with moody silhouettes.”
Bianca Blanc and Justin Serrao continue to show what incredible talent we have locally and ‘Wonder Wonder’ will easily become one of the most memorable pop duets in years to come.

Stream/listen to ‘Wonder Wonder’ HERE

MUSIC VIDEO & Song Credits:
Location: YYY SHOWS studio Johannesburg
Production Company: Anti-Motion Creative
Producers: Justin Serrao & Dave Grevler
D.O.P & Edit: Dave Grevler @antimotioncreative
Grade: Richard Oldfield Films @richard_john_oldfield

Recorded and mixed: Jambo du Plessis @highseasstudios

Written by Bianca Blanc & Justin Serrao




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