Cinematic fine dining experience from 18 November 2022  as “The Menu” releases in theatres.


A satirical thriller, the film reflects on deeper issues without being too didactic or overbearing. It’s dark and unnerving but fun as well.

Like its characters, The Menu is not what it appears to be from the outset. Each course unravels a new aspect of the story/movie, allowing viewers to take a wild, unexpected adventure along with the chef’s guests. The movie asks some questions about service, entertainment and our relationship with food. It also brings people into the kitchen giving them an understanding that a kitchen is not just cooking. It’s so much more complex than that and as humans, we’re going through a lot of contradictions sometimes. It is important to be a little bit more respectful and conscious about others, especially when we serve food to another person. And not to be entitled walking into a restaurant. It might be a dark film, but there’s a lot of things that the moviegoer can reflect on and become conscious of.

The movie is filled with grotesque characters and deranged exclusivity that runs through the movie. It entertains while also spotlighting the impressive, undeniable level of artistry that exists within fine dining—a form of expression that needs to be respected.

The movie will land with foodies and cinema goers who don’t know the restaurant industry, but along with the entertainment it will give them scope into the incredible work that goes into that from every level. From the people bringing your order to the people creating the menus, it’s an incredibly hard industry and audiences will get a sense of that.

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