SA songstress Namakau Star teams up with German based trio The Planetoids on Make Up Your Mind

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German-based indie pop trio The Planetoids and South African songstress Namakau Star paint melodic hues while speaking on mental health and friendship in the fun indie pop release titled Make Up Your Mind.

Namakau Star is an independent Cape Town based Zambian born creative, Africa Rising Music Conference Ambassador and Spotify Master Class Alumni, she joins forces with three teachers that are The Planetoids all the way from Germany.

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Make Up Your Mind is the third single off The Planetoids’ upcoming album, The Aerodynamics of a Cow, an ode to the challenges that come with friendship and the social impact of mental health issues. How do we navigate the intersections of our personal mental battles and the relationships with those who are closest to us?

The song lyrically embodies the conversation between friends who want to bring each other into the light. With a fun, light-hearted feel laced with futuristic disco synths embellished with live guitar, the song manages to encapsulate the sounds of true friendship and the search for relief by those directly affected by the perils of the mind.

The remix will be released in early 2023 alongside, international DJ’s and producers who have collaborated with The Band on remixes on their upcoming album.

With their upcoming album The Aerodynamics of a Cow which is set to be released on the 25th November 2022, The Planetoids are excited to broaden their horizons through this collaborative piece of art and they cannot wait for the world to hear it.

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