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– Podcasts are the new drug. Fact. But as with anything addictive, they come with their restrictions: like the pain of seeing a ”you have less than xx amount of data remaining” message pop-up on your screen while on a sequel that scratches the right itch. 

What if we told you that those days are OVER?

Yes, a zero-data costing sports podcast has emerged and we are all thumbs-up on it. With the name ‘United Fans’, one might think this is an only-sports lovers channel or even worse, one of those soccer-crazed fans channels. To our surprise, this one blends entertainment and sports so well, you won’t even feel like you are on a sports podcast.


The sports fan channel phenomenon is a visual representation of a fun, engaging community hub for all football fans and newly aspiring sport fans who enjoy good banter on and off the field. Providing exciting engaging content around sport & lifestyle commentary on and off the field. A unique platform that engages with both football centric fans and the casual ‘I support the winning team’ type of audience all in the spirit of good fun and banter.

The hosts of this podcast,  Themba Boyi & Arthur Bwanakawa have mastered the art of delivering sports insight while adding a robust sense of humor to it. Themba and Arthur are like two peas in a pod, with both of them having a strong background of public broadcasting and a good sports & entertainment background.

Apart from the actual episodes, the podcast has other  2 weekly segments namely; Weekly Bulletin & Derby Clash. To say the least, this is the perfect football and sports podcast for people who really don’t care too much – or even at all – about football.

With its unique segments that divided into four: First Half, Half Time, Second Half & Extra Time, viewers get a match-like experience, except this time around, the moemish moments and opinions are the order of the episode.

The UFP data-free content can be accessed on the pod’s official channel or check out their shows on the micro sites or below:

Soweto Derby

Weekly Bulletin

United Fans Podcast: Episode 1 – 3

Apart from the audio only UFP channel, the platform also has strong visual content segments available on Youtube, Instagram and TikTok

Follow the UFP pod on the following social media platforms, let’s vibe!


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